Thurston County Public Health Launches Restaurant Inspection Website

Submitted by Thurston County Public Health

On Tuesday, the Thurston County Health Department launched a new, searchable restaurant inspection website to make inspection scores available to citizens. Residents and communities of Thurston County have been eager to get quick and regular access to this information.

The website includes inspection scores and data for all permitted food service establishments. The site will be updated daily based on the most recent inspection. Food service establishments include restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, meat markets, and bars.

Users will be able to access an explanation of the scores or go directly to the inspection results. Once in the inspection results section, they can review a list of the most recent (90 days) inspections, or they can search for restaurants alphabetically to find the most recent inspection data for that particular restaurant.

This is the first version of this web effort, and public feedback is welcome. The Health Department plans to continue to update and improve the website.

To provide feedback on the website, the public are asked to send comments to Sammy Berg at

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