Are you a homeowner who is comfortably settled into your home? Maybe you bought two, five, even 10 or more years ago. Or, maybe you own a rental home currently occupied by tenants. You made sure a home inspection was part of the buying process. It gave you peace of mind and is required by lenders who want to ensure they are making a sound investment.

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The Boggs Inspection Services team are offering the Safeguard service for current home owners. A small price offers big piece of mind.©ThurstonTalk

But have you thought about your return on investment lately? Have you considered re-visiting that peace of mind, knowing your home is safe, secure and free of damage? Boggs Inspection Services wants to make it easy to do just that. That’s why they offer Safeguard, a comprehensive inspection package that includes sub-structure, interior and exterior check points, as well as an energy use analysis.

“Every house should be maintained,” stresses Boggs Inspection Services owner Dwayne Boggs. “Caulking, painting, cutting back brushes; if not, this all leads to defects such as rot on exposed wood. If crawlspace vent screens are not in place, then rodents could enter the sub structure causing damage to insulation, water supply lines and the vapor barrier. If there is a leak in the crawlspace this could damage the framing.”

Many costly home repairs start as simple home maintenance projects that go unseen. Have you braved your crawlspace lately? When was the last time you had a thorough look at your gutters and roof? Industry standards suggest an annual home check-up. Just like your car needs tune-ups, your home needs check-ups to stay in good working order.

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How would you know if you had a plumbing leak under your home? Not many of us venture underneath regularly. Photo courtesy: Boggs Inspection Services

The professionals at Boggs have the training and skills to find the hidden spots in your home that have been damaged or could lead to damage in the future. The Boggs Safeguard inspection also includes an in-home energy analysis from Smart Energy Today, allowing homeowners to discover how to save money and energy through trusted techniques and the latest technology. Energy inspections include filters, fans, lighting, insulation and thermostat analysis.

“We partnered with Smart Energy Today after completing a commercial inspection on a property they were looking to buy,” shares Boggs. “I liked their concepts and the fact that they have very modern ways to help home owners save on heating and cooling costs. And, we both agreed an energy audit with the Safeguard inspection would be the way to go.”

For $185, the Safeguard inspection gives homeowners the knowledge they need to move forward with any home repairs uncovered during the process. By finding the exact places minor maintenance may be needed, homeowners are armed with the information needed to ensure prevention of future damage. It’s a small price to pay for the piece of mind and protection of what is, for most people, their most significant investment—their home.

Boggs Inspection Services
There could be damage from rodents and animals, as pictured above. A Boggs Home Inspection Safegaurd package will leave you with peace of mind. Photo courtesy: Boggs Inspection Services

“They explained simple improvements we can make to save us money and future headaches,” said one happy customer, Julie Murray.

The company provides excellent customer service and encourages and empowers home owners to take pride in their investment. It’s recommended to make your own list of concerns when Boggs Inspection Services comes for a Safeguard Inspection. Have you felt a draft? Heard a suspicious noise? Felt a soft spot on the floor? The inspectors want to know.

An annual check-up is recommended to assess the following, starting with the sub-structure: leaky pipes and drains, disconnected clothes dryer ducts, damaged insulation, termites and wood-destroying pests, rodent damage or animal activity.

Interior check-up includes state-of-the-art electronic moisture metering which can locate hidden leaks from toilets, tubs, shower surrounds and dishwashers.

Boggs Inspection Services
This image shows “frass” or the droppings of carpenter ants, a pest that eats wood, destroying the framing of many homes if left undetected. Photo courtesy: Boggs Inspection Services

Exterior check-up includes identification of maintenance issues, masonry and foundation issues, and signs of damage to exterior siding, such as rot, decay, curling or cracking.

Boggs Inspection Services inspects homes, duplexes, condos, commercial facilities, manufactured homes and more. They service homes in Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater and throughout the South Puget Sound region.

The annual Safeguard inspection is designed to be comprehensive, affordable and to give homeowners the peace of mind they deserve. For more information, connect with Boggs Inspection Services online or over the phone at 360-480-9602. They are open seven days a week to serve you.


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