Submitted by Adopt-A-Pet of Shelton

Dakota was adopted by his soul mate when he was 4 months old. If his human was doing yard work or just watching television, Dakota was always at his side. When the kids would call to visit with their dad, the conversation was about what Dakota did that day. Their love for each other was special.  Five years ago, Dakota’s human was diagnosed with a disease that would end up taking his human from him. Through every minute, Dakota wanted nothing more than to sit next to his human and gently nudge his hand. He was so gentle and it was one of the few times that his human would still work up a smile. Dakota remained a loyal companion up until the end.

Dakota has lived a wonderful life with her owner until he passed away recently, leaving Dakota looking for a new family to love. Photo courtesy: Adopt-A-Pet of Shelton

Dakota loves to go for walks on leash and he craves attention. He is a silly happy dog that loves to sit at your feet and get pets. He loves to chase his toy (but retrieve is not his game) chase and keep is more his style. He would prefer to be an only dog but maybe a sweet girl dog could be his friend. He loved the grand-kids and would lay with them for hours. He is loyal and protective of his family so someone that understands the strength of his breed would be best. He is a beautiful mix of Golden Retriever and Chow. Every summer he would get a summer haircut and he was very patient with the slow grooming skills and never held a grudge when he got a bad haircut.

His love of food can get him in trouble so please watch his diet. His human was too generous with sharing snacks and unfortunately Dakota gained a little too much weight. As a result of his age and weight, he would appreciate a soft bed that is comfortable on his hips. Dakota has never been around cats so that would need to be tested cautiously. The family’s hope is that Dakota can again find his forever friend. 

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