They’ve got brains, beauty and brawn. Sassy Seafood owners Libie Cain and Teresa Reeves channel their storehouse of energy catching, processing and marketing albacore from nearby waters. “We’ve been busy,” said Libie with a big smile. That’s an understatement. In addition to fishing, family and running the business, Sassy Seafood boldly moves forward with their research and development. “We don’t want to keep with the status quo.”

sassy seafood
Libie and Teresa teamed up with B’s Rubs for a Sassy Seafood spice sensation.

Hopefully you are already familiar with their eye-grabbing bomber art style labels: self-confident women with names like Smokin’ Sadie and Lil’ Lemon. As Libie said, they are “tough broads – women who held down the fort.”

Now there’s a new kid on the block: Sassy Seafood Seasoning Mix. The business has teamed up with B’s Rubs, a family business in Othello, that hand blends their rubs. The new seasoning combination was created especially for Sassy Seafood. Add zing to your seafood, meat, dips and marinades. It’s “a little salty, a little sweet with a hint of citrus,” but there is no gluten or MSG, and it is low in sodium. It’s packed with flavor rather than unnecessary chemicals. Sassy Seafood is always on the lookout for local and regional businesses to team up for new products and added services.

Sassy Seafood continues its values of sustainable fishing practices and exceptional taste. All the tuna they process is caught on their two family owned and operated boats, the Mistress and Betty Lee III. Both women are involved with the Western Fishboat Owners Association. They are also connected with the American Fishermen’s Research Foundation (AFRF), a non-profit organization founded in 1971, which is dedicated to aiding, encouraging, promoting and supporting sound science and education linked to albacore and related fish species. AFRF is entirely funded by US, Canadian and New Zealand troll and pole albacore fishermen and their families. Sassy Seafood wants to make sure they are using the best of science and sense in their business to maintain ethical and earth-friendly standards.

sassy seafood
Libie Cain and Teresa Reeves are business partners and dear friends. Photo courtesy: Sassy Seafood.

Teresa and Libie have been dear friends for years and clearly they still get a kick out of being together. Though Libie is out fishing while Teresa takes care of all business on the land, they still manage to be very connected. Their weekend together at the Tacoma Holiday Food & Gift Festival gave them the chance to talk to customers about sustainable fishing and delicious tuna. By the end of the show, they could finish each other’s sentences.

Explore the Sassy Seafood website and read about their tasty options. No surprise – there is tuna with or without salt, but there are also cans with lemon, or dill or jalapeno – and to the delight of those who know – smoked albacore is back along with a new flavor: smoked albacore with fresh sliced jalapenos.

sassy seafood
Even Santa likes to shop with Sassy Seafood. Photo courtesy: Sassy Seafood.

Sassy Seafood takes their fish through the entire canning process. “We know every single thing that is in our cans,” Teresa said, saying this includes the extra ingredients, too. “We know exactly where we get all our fresh ingredients, even our peppers,” Libie confirmed. You can make up your own gift boxes for the holidays by picking exactly what products you want. They will even ship them for you to your recipients.

If you are in Olympia, you can find Sassy Seafood products at Bay Mercantile and Locavore Mercantile. In the Hood Canal area, you can purchase their products at the Union City Market.  Seasonally, Sassy Seafood is also at the West Olympia Farmers Market, Shelton Farmers Market, Harstine Island Farmers Market and Seabrook Market. The sassy duo will be celebrating the season as one of the vendors at the Providence St. Peter Foundation’s Christmas Forest Ladies Night Out at the end of November. Find them at the Seabrook Holiday Bazaar on December 4 and Harstine Island December 10.

If you would like more information about making seafood choices, visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch or NOAA FishWatch program.


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