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As Seattle experiences unprecedented growth, the Seattle Police Department fields an exploding number of inquiries seeking off-duty police resources.  CopsForHire was selected as an off-duty solution by Seattle PD after months of vetting by its leadership. CopsForHire is an online marketplace that allows individuals and businesses to hire off-duty cops to secure their private events or properties. The self-service website streamlines the process of connecting departments, cops available to work off-duty and customers looking for increased security from law enforcement.

“We sought a solution that would enhance accountability and transparency around secondary employment, allowing the department greater visibility into the process.” remarked Brian Maxey, Chief Operating Officer with the Seattle Police Department. “CopsForHire simplifies the entire process for everyone – the department, the officers, and employers – while providing better information around when, where, and how much work our commissioned officers are doing off-duty.” 

“Seattle PD is once again leading,” commented Rob McDermott, CopsForHire CEO. “We could not be more excited over bringing this breakthrough to law enforcement, and knowing it is starting right here in Seattle. They were the first in the nation to use bike patrols in 1987, and now the first to bring automation to off-duty management.”

Similar to using eBay or Uber, CopsForHire is a self-service marketplace. Customers simply login and request a cop. Once approved by the department, the job is posted and cops automatically receive notification of available jobs. Once jobs are accepted and completed, time cards and payments are automated. All parties enjoy access to full reporting of their off-duty activities. 

Seattle area businesses interested in hiring off-duty Seattle cops can now visit to get started.  

About CopsForHire

CopsForHire is the first and only online marketplace for hiring off-duty, commissioned law officers. The company was the creation of 18-year law enforcement veteran Andrew Finley and co-founded by Seattle-area entrepreneur, David Bluhm. CopsForHire worked with several Washington State agencies for nearly 2 years to fully understand and serve the specific needs of off-duty management before launching in 2016. The online site is free to both departments and cops while providing departments with total management control over their off duty work. The company is headquartered in Olympia, WA.                                                          

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