5 Tips to Prepare Your Network Computers for the “Pacific Northwest Storm Parade”

Submitted by BrightWire Networks

Along with the flashlights, batteries, drinking water and gasoline, don’t forget to take care of your business’ computers, servers and network equipment by Friday afternoon ahead of the worst of what The Weather Channel is calling the “Pacific Northwest Storm Parade.”  Two strong storms are expected onshore, with the second wave being the remnants of Typhoon Songda.  Heavy rains and strong winds are likely through the weekend.

There are some simple things your business should do in the face of stormy weather to protect your data and your equipment:

  • At the end of the work day, properly save and close your files, close your programs, and shut down your workstations.
  • Confirm that desktop computers are plugged into a surge protector/UPS battery backup.
  • Verify that any routine security patches or updates are completed (especially on servers) that are attached to smart UPS back-up systems, so that if they need to auto-shutdown they can do so quickly and efficiently.
  • Check that data is backed up and that the back-ups were successful, in case any equipment is damaged or destroyed. When was your last backup verification test?
  • Ensure that mission critical backup devices or physical storage are not in locations vulnerable to flooding.

“We’re trying do our part on behalf of clients to make sure these precautions are taken,” said Todd Whitley, co-founder of BrightWire Networks in Olympia, “and we recommend that business people take a few minutes on Friday to do the same.”


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