ThurstonTalk Publishes 9,000th Article

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You can often find Kate Scriven's byline on ThurstonTalk as a business writer. She also serves as the Community Editor for ThurstonTalk.

Greetings ThurstonTalk readers!  Today marks the 9,000th article that we have published about what it’s like to live, work, and play in Thurston County.

“Our team of paid, professional writers are passionate storytellers that love to share articles about our community,” says editor, Amy Rowley.  “This milestone is a testament to our team’s ability to continue to be relevant to our readers.”

ThurstonTalk editor Amy Rowley and co-founder and VP of Sales Martin McElliott enjoy working together to build a community social network in Thurston County.

“That’s a cool number,” says co-founder, Dan Jones stressing that ThurstonTalk has continued to exceed expectations for revenue and views.

“We also crossed a milestone with our social media subscribers overnight.  We have more than 47,000 people who choose to listen to what we have to say on Facebook.  Add in our Twitter and Instagram followers and ThurstonTalk reaches more than 52,000 local community members on a daily basis,” adds Rowley.

“It’s awesome for our customers,” shares co-founder, Martin McElliott. “We continue to help marketers reach their target market, grow their brand locally, and measure results.”

Today we celebrate continuing to bring you relevant stories about your community.  Thanks, readers.

ThurstonTalk is a digital media company sharing positive stories about people, places and businesses in Thurston County. ThurstonTalk offers content marketing and online options across our Community Social Network to advertise in Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, and beyond.  Advertise with ThurstonTalk to reach your target market, grow your brand, and measure results.

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