Washington State’s no-fault worker’s compensation laws began in 1908. If you are injured at work, you no longer have to sue your employer to prove they are at fault for causing your injuries. You are entitled to file a claim for statutorily designed benefits. Employers purchase coverage through the State Department of Labor and Industries or are self-insured, funding the cost themselves.

Being injured at work often means more than a simple trip to the medical provider. Lost pay, diminished productivity, residual disability, and decreased function are complicated by frustrations of dealing with claims managers, paperwork, investigators, vocational counselors, and employer representatives. Denials of benefits and delays can occur.

This is where hiring an experienced attorney is key. The attorneys at Olympia’s Putnam Lieb Potvin have been fighting for injured workers’ rights since 1981. The firm has been responsible for several cases that establish new laws for the benefit of workers. They proudly draft and support legislation to expand workers rights and actively lobby and advocate for workers at the legislature.

An advocate for the individual, “an experienced legal team like Putnam Lieb Potvin is essential to getting the benefits you deserve…There are literally hundreds of laws and thousands of cases interpreting those laws that may impact your entitlement to benefits.”

Navigating case law and medical documentation is just the first step your legal team will take. They also represent you with the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries. “Over 200,000 claims are received by L&I each year. This sheer volume naturally leads to delay, denials, and confusion. And any time you are dealing with a large government bureaucracy, frustration is inevitable. Our staff is adept and experienced at navigating the system and helping expedite claims so you can focus on your physical and financial recovery.”

Don’t let an on-the-job injury put your family’s home and security at risk. Contact Putnam Lieb Potvin at 360-754-7707 or drop by their offices at 907 Legion Way SE in Olympia.


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