Merle Norman’s Free Makeovers Teach Make-up 101 for All Ages


When most women think of a full makeover, they may assume that they need to go to a large department store. That assumption would be wrong. At Merle Norman Cosmetics, Wigs and Day Spa in Lacey, makeovers are fun, informative – and free.

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Merle Norman client Amber Koebberling says that no matter what your age, the staff can help you find what’s right for your skin.

“It works because of my philosophy,” says owner Madelin White. “As I see it, even if you buy one of everything in this store, if I haven’t shown you how to use it, it would go home with you and sit in a drawer and I’d never see you again.”

Instead, White and her staff take the time to teach clients about each product. “Then when you buy whatever you buy, you’re going to go home and know how to use that,” says White. “If I make that information free, then I’m teaching you something and I know that you’ll be back because Merle Norman products do sell themselves. They’re the only makeup product that’s still made in the United States.”

That philosophy has worked for Merle Norman client Amber Koebberling. During repeated visits to her hair stylist at the spa, she would usually pick up some make-up. One day, she says, “They sat me down and gave me a full makeover.”

Koebberling learned from the process. “They ask you lots of questions about what you’re looking for,” she says.  “Women need different products at different ages. Foundation was the big thing for me. They helped me find a color that’s not too heavy and has some sunscreen.”

She also appreciated the low-pressure sales. “You get to try everything before you buy it, which you can’t do anywhere else. You can walk outside and make sure you really know whether it’s going to work for you before you purchase anything.”

White finds that most clients return after their free makeovers because now they’re educated about what works for them. “They’re happier,” she says. “When they come back in, they usually tell us, ‘Wow, I was amazed. Look at how much better my skin looks. You picked out the perfect color for me. I got so many compliments.’ There is always lots of positive feedback.”

merle norman cosmetics
Learn about color from Merle Norman consultants.

Aside from providing training in how to use different products, Koebberling says that Merle Norman stays on top of current trends. “They keep up with what’s popular and the different looks that you’re seeing.  I don’t think people really know that,” she says. “People don’t realize how innovative Merle Norman is with their products. Young people and older people are going to find what they’re looking for. For anyone who likes full service, it’s great.”

Along with free make-overs and cosmetics, you can also find hair styling, waxing, manicures, pedicures, and massage therapy as well as free mini-facials, and of course wigs, at Merle Norman.

For more information about Merle Norman Cosmetics, Wigs and Day Spa, visit or call 360-491-4911.


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