olympia girls basketball
Robin Johnson imparts some coaching advice to one of her 90Ten girls basketball teams.

Being a youth athlete within the 90TEN Basketball Training Academy means guidance and opportunities beyond the basketball court. Robin Johnson, owner and founder of 90TEN believes that the overall health and wellness of youth athletes are benefited by providing nutritional guidance and an opportunity to participate in multiple sports.

90TEN athletes receive monthly nutritional information provided by a certified nutritional therapist who helps them learn healthy eating habits pertinent to athletic performance. Students can carry this information through their adult life. Players are taught that in order to perform your best, proper nutrition and hydration are essential. They are given information regarding what and when to eat in order to prepare for games and be at their best when the whistle is blown.

Another aspect of the 90TEN program is the encouragement to be a multi-sport athlete. “It is good to have the experience of different coaches and teammates as well as use different muscle groups. We want to make this possible for our 90TEN athletes,” explains Johnson.

Lily McCauley played on the fifth grade girls team during the 2014-2015 season and is also a competitive golfer. Cheryl, Lily’s mom, explains that her daughter is a hard working athlete who thrives on competition. “At the end of the day Lily is a competitor. She knows that the only way to improve is by putting in the practice time including a whole bunch of hours that nobody else sees. That is what a good coach like Robin instills and then supports you with your other sports and activities. Robin will text us when Lily has a golf tournament to see how it went.”

To learn more about the 90TEN Basketball Training Academy visit the website or Facebook page.


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