Betty Holt’s roots in the community run deep. She grew up in Thurston County and went to Tumwater High School. When her first child entered school, she volunteered so regularly in her daughter’s classrooms that they offered her a paid job at Garfield Elementary School. Her first volunteer leadership job was as vice president of the PTA. Being new to the organization and a bit overzealous, she voiced her fear that she might not be “elected.” Her mind was flooded with thoughts of posters and campaign speeches. She soon learned that there were no other “candidates” and the job was hers. This was the first of many volunteer positions.

greene realty
Betty Holt’s achievements were recognized in 2015 when she received the Realtor’s Service Award.

Betty is the vice president of the Capital High School parent organization (CHSPO) and is also the fundraising chair of West Olympia Rotary. Bruce Sanders, President of West Olympia Rotary says, “Betty is a tireless worker who is determined to make a positive impact in the community. She has engaged our club with the students at Garfield Elementary School, providing gifts during the holidays.” West Olympia Rotary has worked with other clubs along with the Bill Gates Foundation to eradicate polio. Bruce is happy to report that there are currently only two countries in the world with active polio. He hopes that number will soon be zero. Bruce credits Betty Holt for her passion and ability to press through many obstacles to fundraising and awareness. Greene Realty supports Betty’s endeavors by allowing the West Olympia Rotary to hold early morning meeting in their conference room.

Betty was awarded the 2015 Thurston County Realtor’s Association Realtor Community Service award. This honor recognizes her many years of volunteer service to the community. She brought this passion for service to her work by helping to create “Greene Giving” at Greene Realty. Agents and employees donate each month and award the money to three types of non-profit organizations annually. Their focus is on organizations that support the military, children and housing. In 2015, Greene Realty donated $19,400 to the USO, Boys and Girls Clubs, Habitat for Humanity and Homeless Backpacks.

greene realty
Betty Holt and Rach’l Scott are a full-service real estate team within Greene Realty.

Building a successful real estate business and devoting many hours to her volunteer causes has prompted Betty to bring in a partner. Betty’s daughter, Rach’l Scott has become an integral part of the team. They are both thrilled to be doing something they love.

Rach’l spent her college years at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. After receiving an undergraduate degree, Rach’l earned a master’s degree in school counseling.

Rach’l says she uses her counseling degree on a daily basis. “Most real estate transactions involve some level of stress,” she says. Whether it is a first home purchase, a growing family or a divorce, Rach’l uses her skills as a counselor to help people through the process.

Betty admits that it is not always easy to relinquish some control to her daughter. “I love my people,” says Holt. “I want to be with them every step of the way, but it is nice for all of us if Rach’l can attend an inspection or show a home when I am busy and I’m truly trying hard to be less controlling.” 

Both laugh off my suggestion that a mother/daughter business partnership might prove difficult. “We are in and out of the office a lot. We aren’t together 24/7,” adds Rach’l. In fact, Betty’s 21-year-old son is thinking about getting his real estate license and joining the family business.

greene realty
The Holt/Scott duo appreciates the support at Greene Realty.

Betty is well equipped to handle any type of real estate transaction and clearly loves her job. She enjoys all aspects of her work but has a special place in her heart for the sale of an estate. “When someone has passed away, I love to help the family through the process and I’m happy to hold their hands the whole way.” Her daughter Rach’l laughs and adds, “she literally holds their hands!”

Betty adds that she loves that real estate has afforded her the ability to give time and money to the community. “I can’t imagine a better career. I feel very lucky.”

Learn more about Betty Holt and Greene Realty on their website Betty can also be reached at 360-870-6837.


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