Olympia’s Cheryl Selby Joins Mayors Nationwide in Water Conservation

Photo credit: jennlvs2smile.

Submitted by The City of Olympia

City of Olympia Mayor, Cheryl Selby, is joining mayors across the country in asking residents to make a commitment to conserve water by taking part in a national contest aimed at drastically slashing water and energy use across the nation.

Throughout the month of April, WaterWise Olympia residents are encouraged to make their pledge to water conservation at www.mywaterpledge.com. Last year, Olympians pledged to reduce their annual consumption of drinking water by nearly 8 million gallons – earning a ranking of 9th in the nation for our population category. City of Olympia residents have already demonstrated their commitment to water conservation and deserve to be recognized. Help improve our ranking and make your pledge today!

This non-profit campaign is presented nationally by Toyota and the Wyland Foundation, a 501(c)3 dedicated to promoting, protecting, and preserving the world’s ocean, waterways and marine life.

The city with the highest percentage of residents who take the challenge in their population category wins. Participants in the winning cities are eligible to win hundreds of prizes, including a Toyota Hybrid, water saving home products, home improvement gift cards and more.

Did you know that about 400 billion gallons of water are used in the U.S. daily? Or that a running toilet can waste up 200 gallons per day? For our Top 10 Indoor and Outdoor WATER WISE tips, visit www.olympiawa.gov/waterwise.


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