Elite Cleaning of Washington Wants to Make Your Life Easier

Like any small business, Elite Cleaning of Washington wants to grow. With almost five years in our community, they’re always looking for ways to expand both their employee and customer base.

Business analysis studies show that “it costs five times as much to attract a new customer, than to keep an existing one.” But for Scottiejo McNulty, both acquisition and retention are the result of her 100% satisfaction guarantee.

home cleaning washington
Scottiejo McNulty (left) shares cleaning tips and product ideas.

Whether you need your entire home deep cleaned or just help reaching high or low spots, Elite Cleaning can help. They offer free estimates to determine the customer’s needs and frequency of service. Thanks to years of experience, McNulty can customize a plan to any necessity. She even posts a sample cleaning check list online so new customers can decide on trouble-spots in advance.

“We strive to touch every surface in the house,” says McNulty, and “we don’t leave until it’s done and we come back if it’s not right.” With such dedication, it’s no wonder that positive feedback rolls in. Says one happy customer, “Thank you for making it possible for me to give the gift of a clean home. It sparkles and shines” while another raved “You had a team do a move-out clean for me and my husband…They did a great job—and I got my full deposit back! We are very happy with our experience with Elite Cleaning; it was such a relief to have the move-out cleaning taken care of for us…and it was taken care of so well. Thank you, and thanks to the team!”

Business Week reports that “While there’s no single formula for word-of-mouth success, I’ve found it often starts with creating a culture that encourages your clients to consider themselves valued partners in your business. Word-of-mouth referrals stem naturally from an unparalleled customer experience.” Scottiejo and her team embody this path to small business success.

Elite Cleaning of Washington can be reached by calling 360-529-2277.

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