New KAMRA Inlay will Help you Lose your Readers for the Last Time

Visit Dr. Jay Rudd at Aurora LASIK, now open in the Hawks Prairie area of Lacey.

Submitted by Dr. Jay Rudd for Aurora LASIK

With our increased reliance on mobile devices like phones, tablets and even supercharged wristwatches, our eyes are critical portals to a vast, amazing world. Which is probably why I frequently hear from patients looking for a way to ditch their reading glasses. Juggling eyeglasses while trying to look up a phone number, read a dinner menu or check your favorite team’s game score, is endlessly frustrating.

That’s why I’m so excited about revolutionary, proven technology that will help you read without glasses, and maintain your distance vision. It’s called the KAMRA Inlay and it’s been used in Europe for years with fantastic results. The FDA recently approved KAMRA Inlays in the United States and now we are able to provide this life-changing procedure right here at Aurora LASIK in Lacey!

With our advanced laser technology, I am able to create a small space in your cornea where I insert a 3.8mm plastic disc that allows you to read most things without your glasses. The lens is only placed in one eye, but allows you to see up close and far away.  The procedure takes about 15-20 minutes, under topical anesthesia (drops) to keep you comfortable.  Most patients over 40 are great candidates, even if you’ve had LASIK or cataract surgery in the past.

Think about how nice life would be if you could retire your readers and see up close wherever you go. Visit to learn more about KAMRA. Then call our office at 844-744-2020 to schedule a free screening to see if you’re a candidate.

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