4th of July Pet Safety Tips

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Submitted by Joint Animal Services of Olympia

dogIt is important to plan ahead with 4th of July safety tips to help keep your pets safe and comfortable

Many dogs and cats are afraid of the noise of fireworks causing some to even get loose and run away.   Make sure your pets are inside and turn on the air-conditioning, radio and/or TV  to something soothing to help mask the noise of the fireworks.

Give your dogs several walks during the day or exercise them indoors to help them be relaxed and tired during the fireworks.   Chewing on a bone can help relieve your dog’s stress.

Do not set off any fireworks near wildlife areas.  The noises and bright lights may cause animals to flee their natural habitat, leaving their young behind. Stray sparks can also create fires.

For more information about how to keep your pets safe during the holiday, please contact Animal Services at 360-352-2510 or visit www.JointAnimalServices.org.

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