A ThurstonTalk Intern’s View of 2015 Spring Arts Walk and Procession of the Species


Photos by Olivia Richards, Avanti High School Intern to ThurstonTalk

My favorite time of the year in Thurston County is Spring Arts Walk and Procession of the Species. The streets are filled with families and friends, businesses stay open extra late and art is lining every surface. To capture all the moments surrounding Arts Walk and the Procession of the Species is nearly impossible. It is such an amazing and vibrant atmosphere. Local artists in our community have the opportunity to showcase their art to the public. Many schools also participate in this as well, giving students a chance to display their talents. The best part is the festivities don’t just end after one night. The following day brightly colored animals walk the streets of downtown Olympia. Anyone who wants to dress up and be creative can join in. These amazing activities come around every year and are a time to celebrate the creativity of our community.

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