Wolf Haven Projects Completed During Comcast Cares Day

comcast cares day
Director Pete Hill assists in the painting during Comcast Cares Day at Wolf Haven.


By Alyssa Ramsfield

comcastSome of the most beautiful animals in Thurston County live at the Wolf Haven sanctuary. Their focus on the education and conservation of wolves leaves their small staff very busy throughout the year. Knowing there are projects needing to be tackled, Comcast reached out to the sanctuary to help lighten the load.

comcast cares day
Comcast employees helped to paint an administrative building at Wolf Haven on Comcast Cares Day.

“Comcast contacted us last year and asked if they could help out on Comcast Cares Day. We jumped at the idea,” explains Director of Communications, Kim Young. “The project leads at Comcast come out ahead of time and we give them a wish list of what we would like done to see what they are able to actually complete.”

This year’s list of work included many big projects. “We always have a lot to do,” described Young. “This year, our primary projects included exterior painting of the administration projects, installing skirting around the building, installing moisture sealant and building a wall in our garage that will separate our storage area from the work area. Other beautification projects include spreading mulch in the flower beds, weeding in our memorial garden, and painting our well-used picnic tables.”

Comcast Cares Day focuses on making change in the community through employees, families, and friends. When looking for a need in the community, Wolf Haven was an obvious choice. “We always send out an e-mail to our employees and solicit whom they think would need our services,” explains Comcast Technicians Supervisor, David Glasgo. “Quite a few of them suggested Wolf Haven. People in this community really care for the sanctuary. 2014 was the first year we worked with them. It went really well. They had a ton of stuff for us to do and it was easy for us to decide to go back this year to help out again.”

Over 75 Comcast employees attended this year’s volunteer service day. Comcast employee, Dominic Goddard, explained his reasoning for his volunteer work on Comcast Cares Day. “This is my first year participating. I just really wanted to help out the community and take the opportunity to give back by being a volunteer.” Goddard, along with multiple other families, was in charge of painting the picnic tables.

comcast cares day
Entire families help out the community on Comcast Cares Day.

“Entire families are getting involved here,” says Holly Scott, Comcast’s Administrative Assistant for the local office. “There are children here who have attended Comcast Cares Day every year. They’ve really grown up here. They take the job very seriously. It’s wonderful to see so many people take part in a great cause.”

New Thurston County resident and Comcast Director, Pete Hill, was thrilled to take part in giving back to his new community. “I’ve been with Comcast for 17 years, but I’m new to this area. This is my eighth week here in Thurston County and I’m super excited to be a part of this collaboration with Comcast and Wolf Haven.”

“It’s really an opportunity for us to give back,” continued Hill. “We want to do all we can to help the communities we serve and actually live in. I think it’s important that we do all we can for our neighborhoods.”

To give back to Wolf Haven throughout the year, visit their website to consider becoming a Wolf Haven International member or join their mailing list for volunteer opportunities.


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