Dr. Kelly Golob – In the Office, On the Court and Head of the Class

kelly golob
Kelly Golob combines traditional chiropractic with the techniques and practices of sports medicine to treat a wide range of patients.


kelly golob
Kelly Golob combines traditional chiropractic with the techniques and practices of sports medicine to treat a wide range of patients.

Blend a dedicated athlete, innovative health care provider, committed educator, and inspirational community volunteer together and the outcome is Kelly Golob. Dr. Golob grew up in Olympia and is well known for his basketball accomplishments both as a standout player at Olympia High School and then for his professional play in Europe. While he can still be found on the basketball court, his professional endeavors have transitioned to chiropractic care at Tumwater Chiropractic Center.

“Following basketball, I knew I wanted a career in health care. I wanted a medical profession that focused on preventive care rather than medicine and surgery as the solution. For these reasons, I was drawn to chiropractic. My background as an athlete led me to my specialty area of sports medicine,” Golob shares.

Golob combines traditional chiropractic with the techniques and practices of sports medicine to treat a wide range of patients. While sports medicine might imply treatment restricted to the elite athlete, Golob has a much broader idea of what makes someone an athlete. “I consider every patient or person as an athlete of some type depending upon their daily routine. A construction worker who lifts heavy objects all day is like an industrial athlete. An office worker who is typing for long periods of time has to perform with a certain level of endurance and repetition of movement. I simply apply the sports medicine approach to my patients’ care. It is a mindset of how we can take care of our bodies.”

Sports medicine focuses on helping people improve their athletic performance, recover from injury and prevent future injuries in effort to help all kinds of people with their physical fitness and daily lives. Golob has integrated his expertise of sports medicine into his practice of chiropractic. The most common chiropractic conditions he treats tend to be lower back pain and headaches.

Treatments will differ depending upon whether that patient presents an injury, is interested in performance enhancement or is seeking guidance on injury prevention. Golob comments, “The patient’s goals are my goals. It could be that they have recreational or athletic aspirations such as hiking 40 peaks over the summer or running their first marathon. Or maybe their goals are more pertinent to daily living activities and they want to be able to sit through a movie without pain. Everyone’s treatment is specific to their condition and goals, which is why we have such successful outcomes at Tumwater Chiropractic Center.”

kelly golob
While Kelly Golob (pictured in #12 jersey) can still be found on the basketball court, the standout Olympia High School athlete is also an active chiropractor.

According to Golob, the multidisciplinary approach espoused at Tumwater Chiropractic Center also provides a higher level of care for each patient. The integration of chiropractic with massage therapy, acupuncture, and a weight loss program provide a holistic outlook on health and wellness.

Golob also appreciates the multidisciplinary group amongst the athletic trainers, team physicians, and collegiate athletes with whom he works with at Saint Martin’s University. For the past four years he has served as the team chiropractor for the athletic department at Saint Martin’s University. “There are two outstanding athletic trainers at Saint Martin’s University. Once a week or as needed I work with the athletes that the trainers have identified for me. As a former basketball player, I enjoy being around the athletic team setting and that camaraderie. Now rather than being one of the players, I enjoy being a helpful part of the training and clinical team that assists these high performing athletes who are pushing their bodies to the limits.”

The athletic training room is not the only location Golob can be found on the local college campuses. In the past few years he has also taught anatomy and physiology courses at both South Puget Sound Community College and Saint Martin’s University as an adjunct professor. “Teaching is a nice change of pace from being in the office. I believe that teaching helps me clinically because I get good practice in explaining anatomical and physiological concepts. While teaching these concepts to a college student is different than explaining to a patient what might be going on in their body, it is still the notion of teaching and explaining so that the individual can understand what I am trying to explain.”

tumwater chiropractic
The fun-loving Tumwater Chiropractic Center team provides a holistic approach to patient’s health and wellness.

As Golob, a member the Lacey Rotary, reflects on his journey from the basketball court to his professional work within the chiropractic office, athletic training room and college classrooms he feels most fortunate to have had the opportunity to return to his hometown and give back. “I grew up in Olympia and have lots of ties here. I am grateful to have the opportunity to return and give back to the community I grew up in.”

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