Thurston County Commissioners Release Statements on Ongoing Jail Talks



Submitted by Thurston County

Thurston County Commissioners met again with Sheriff John Snaza today to continue discussions on several budget issues regarding the county’s new jail facility. The three Thurston County Commissioners expressed their optimism on the progress of the negotiations, and released the following statements:

“I’m really pleased with the progress we’ve made thus far, and I think we get one step closer to a final agreement each time we meet,” said Thurston County Commission Chair Cathy Wolfe. “I really appreciate Sheriff Snaza’s willingness to work with us and find common ground. We’re working well together, and the end is in sight.”

“We’re at the point today where we’re down to massaging the finer details of an agreement, and I am really pleased with how far we’ve come already. We now have this document, the letter of intent, and having this document gives us all a much better picture of the situation, and in particular the constraints and obligations we each have when it comes to the budget,” said Commissioner Sandra Romero. “I’m quite optimistic.”

“I think we’ve reached the point where we’re all now on the same page with each other, and I think we have good momentum and we’re coasting towards the finish line on this budget agreement,” said Commissioner Bud Blake. “The sheriff and his staff have done a good job of explaining the details and putting everything on the table for us, and I really appreciate the spirit of cooperation that we’ve developed these last few weeks. I have no doubt we’ll get a good outcome.”

The county’s Accountability and Restitution Center, also known as the ARC, is a new state of the art corrections facility that was competed in 2010, but the need for staffing changes and budget shortfalls have prevented the county from opening the new facility. Because the corrections deputies’ union approved a new contract in late 2014 that includes a move to 12-hour shifts the budget issues currently being negotiated by commissioners and the sheriff are the last major hurdle county officials must clear before the new Accountability and Restitution Center facility can open.

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