A Family Affair at A Steve’s Carpet Cleaning


SteveShort9For over 30 years the success of A Steve’s Professional Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning has been a family affair.  Started by Steve Short in 1982, the business now includes the cleaning skills of his son-in-law, Stephen, and office management of his daughter, Rachel.  Steve himself focuses on being the public face of the company but is glad to pick up the overflow—no pun intended—and step in.  As he says, there’s never a need to “turn down a job because within 2-3 days it can be done.”

Steve’s granddaughter Alyssa, now almost 7, is a childhood cancer survivor.  Now in remission, the family celebrates her recovery by participating in fundraisers around the region that focus on cures.  Over the past few years they have participated in the CureSearch Walk for Children’s Cancer in Tacoma, and other events, as well as hosting a Facebook referral promotion where every new ‘like’ equals a cash donation to the Mary Bridge Children’s Foundation.

Also available on the business website is the autobiography of Steve’s father, Jim.  A celebrated military pilot, the book highlights a storied career in the skies.  As Jim Short writes in the introduction, “Everyone has heard and seen movies about airline pilots as well as fighter and bomber pilots, but I can’t recall that anyone has described the life of a military transport flyer, which is what I have attempted to do.  Mine is not primarily a war story, but a glimpse into my life as a pilot.  My adventures are sometimes routine and sometimes not so routine…they may not be as hair-raising as bomber and fighter missions, but we did have our thrilling moments during war and peace, and I feel lucky to have been a part of it.”

Even the business’s trademark lion-in-a-blue-truck logo sprang from a family Valentine’s Day present.  As Steve delivered it home, so many fellow motorists pointed, smiled, and waved it became something of a mascot and now finds its home on business cards and Facebook profiles alike.

A Steve’s Professional Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning can be reached at 360-701-9544.

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