John Erwin Shares Three Steps to a Smoother Home Remodel



olympia home remodel
John Erwin Remodeling has been helping local homeowners create their dream homes for over 20 years.

With more than 21 years of experience in helping homeowners create what they have envisioned for their homes, the team of professionals at John Erwin Remodeling understands what makes a remodeling project run smoothly.

Get the picture

“Homeowners know what they want,” says Erwin who does most of the design work. “I take their ideas and incorporate them into the home.”

And, all he needs is a picture to start.

“One client wanted a new porch with wrapped columns that flared out rather than the ‘skinny toothpicks’ they currently had. I told them to go on the Houzz website to find a picture of what she wanted. A week later she sent me three pictures and I designed the columns based on what she sent me.”

Make choices before the project starts

John sends homeowners out to choose their products for the remodel ahead of time.

“For kitchens, we work with Bayview Building Materials of Olympia, and Matt is a great kitchen designer over there,” Erwin explains his team of reliable vendors. “From Bayview, the client will go over to Great Floors in Lacey to see Tina, to pick out countertops, flooring or tile backsplash.”

“On the rare occasion that they need more advice on whether their Cherry Shaker cabinets match their choice in countertops we refer them to Colors by Diane.”

Once they have made their choices homeowners don’t have the added stress in the middle of the project of having to run out to pick out countertops.

“You have already done it,” says Erwin. “Then, you can pour yourself a glass of wine and relax.”

Attention to Detail

“Remodeling is not an exact science but top professionals, systems and communication ensure attention to detail on every job,” explains Erwin, who won the 2013 Best of South Sound Award for remodeling. “It’s why nearly 60 percent of our customers are repeat business or are referrals.”

Call John Erwin Remodeling, Inc for a quote at (360) 705-2938. Visit their website at John Erwin Remodeling, Inc.


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