Restyling Event at Kluh Jewelers


Submitted by L. Jeanette Strole Parks for Kluh Jewelers

Steve Hawkins Kluh Jewelers
Steve Hawkins, Kluh Jewelers on-site goldsmith, can create nearly anything for your new or re-styled piece.

Most everyone owns a few items of jewelry that look dated, worn, or perhaps those inherited pieces that are sentimental but not quite to your liking. A perfect solution to make better use of those items is to take them to the restyling event at Kluh Jewelers on December 5 and 6.

Within the realm of possibilities, options include the more basic concepts like resetting gems from old rings into new mountings, or changing the metal to a more modern finish like palladium, white gold, or platinum, instead of yellow gold. But if you really want to get creative, you could take grandpas old tie-tack and create a pendant or ring out of it, or maybe put additional birthstone gems on your wedding ring to represent your children’s births. Perhaps you want to turn a necklace into a bracelet by shortening the chain, or resetting a brooch. If the same type of chain is available, you can also sometimes lengthen a necklace. Any gold that is removed can also be traded in. Maybe this is an opportunity to modernize and pass down a family heirloom to a recent high school or college graduate for Christmas or Hanukah. And don’t forget to use this reminder to check the prongs on your gems to make sure you are not in danger of losing your precious stones.

Given that there are so many options to mull over, and hundreds of available items to choose from in the store, such as new pendants or ring settings, it makes the most sense to look over the options in the store and get some input from the pros. While some of the restyling options require off-site work in Seattle, there is also an in-house goldsmith that will do repairs and adjustments on several types of restyling projects. Kluh Jewelers can also assist you with custom CAD drawings and wax models to show you what the final product will look like.

While custom-design is available year round, the featured jewelery designer will be in the store for two days straight to answer questions and create solutions to your jewelry dilemmas on site. He can look at the gems and settings that you have and help you come up with ways to revive and revitalize your pieces.

The Restyling Event at Kluh Jewelers is a perfect way to kick off the holiday shopping. So set yourself a reminder to dig through your jewelry box or sock drawer for those forgotten, dormant pieces and come down for some personal consultation. The biggest question you will be left with is how many items you want to have restyled.






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