Jewelry Loans at Kluh Jewelers: A Safe Alternative to Pawn




Submitted by L. Jeanette Strole Parks for Kluh Jewelers

Matt Kluh, owner of the Lacey location
Matt Kluh, owner of the Lacey location

The Reality TV world has made much of pawn shops lately, and while there are better and worse pawn shops, another proposition for local residents is to do a jewelry-collateral loan at Lacey’s Kluh Jewelers. Located in the Kohl’s and Target Plaza on Sleater-Kinney, Kluh Jewelers will happily assist you in getting maximum value for your valuable items, whether you opt to outright sell the jewelry, or just do a temporary loan.

So what is the difference between a pawn shop and a jewelry loan? “Kluh Jewelers specializes as a jewelry pawn shop and handles personal cash loans for jewelry, diamonds, Rolex watches, gold, silver flatware, or solid gold coins used as collateral. We are a licensed pawnbroker and members of the Washington Pawnbrokers Association.”

In other words, when you sign up for a loan contract with Kluh, you retain ownership until you pay off the loan, at which point you can claim your jewelry.  Getting a loan at a reputable store means you will have a pleasant and trustworthy experience with trained jewelry professionals, versus with a pawn shop  also filled with lawnmowers, stereos and rifles.  You can rest assured that Kluh will give you a good price for your aunt’s cameo brooch.

“You are merely leaving it with us as collateral in case you fail to pay for the loan in accordance with the terms of the loan agreement.” Using state of the art technology they can evaluate the quality of metals, gems, and carat or gram weight of stones and metals and pay you a fair market value right on the spot.  Your jewelry will be cleaned free of charge upon pick up.

As you can imagine, this is considerably safer than mailing off your jewelry to an unknown destination, hoping that they won’t keep your items, and stiff you on the fair value. In addition to that, the jewelry is not harmed in any way, whereas many other places will melt your gold and silver down to weigh it and check for purity, and then you no longer have an option to change your mind. As far as the interest rates go on a jewelry-collateral loan, a $100 loan has an interest rate of 3%. This is much cheaper then a what disruption in utility services may cost.

The advantage to doing a jewelry-collateral loan is that there is no credit-check involved and you can quickly get money and have the option to come back to fetch your valuable items. The cost is less than a “pay-day loan” and cheaper than service charges or late fees on bills that you might be struggling to pay.

Of course, you also have the option to sell the items outright, or get a second opinion about the value of your item if you have already received an offer from a competing jewelry store.

The following is a condensed list of what Kluh Jewelers will buy from walk-in customers:

Photo by Alaina Lynn Photography
Photo by Alaina Lynn Photography
  • Gold and platinum,
  • Diamond jewelry,
  • Gemstone jewelry (sapphire, emerald, ruby and tanzanite)
  • Designer jewelry such as Cartier, and Tiffany and Co.
  • Gold watches
  • Solid-gold coins
  • Antique and estate jewelry
  • Silver tea sets, flatware, hollow ware, and serving pieces.

If you have any questions, stop in and ask. Kluh Jeweler’s customer service is most agreeable, professional and helpful.

So, the next time you feel a little strapped for cash, consider what jewelry items might be laying around in your house that could float you through a lean month and take a trip to Kluh Jewelers in Lacey.


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