The Plant Place Nursery Has You Covered


Submitted by The Plant Place Nursery

Groundcovers are user-friendly and hardworking.  They make the perfect edging for sidewalks or walkways and some, like thyme, add fragrance as an added bonus.  Sweet Woodruff stays in well-mannered clumps.  Sedums are low maintenance and low growing.  Sea Thrift likes full sun and is low and grassy with clusters of hardy flowers.  Groundcovers earn their keep because they grow so well on both flat surfaces and slopes.  They are easy, carefree, and tolerate the shade from plants around them.  Many are also deer and rabbit resistant. They even provide erosion control that is eye-pleasing at the same time.  Maybe best of all, groundcovers will not break your budget.  They are inexpensive and perennial; a great investment for not a lot of money.  The Plant Place Nursery on 3333 South Bay Rd. NE in Olympia has you covered from the ground up!

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