Think She Has Great Hair Naturally? Surprise! It’s a Wig!

olympia wig
Merle Norman has a number of wigs to choose from in either human or synthetic hair.


olympia wig
Merle Norman has a number of wigs to choose from in either human or synthetic hair.

Every year before Jane* leaves on a vacation with her husband, she stops by Merle Norman in Lacey to buy a new wig. Her natural hair is just fine, but she says that she likes to try on a whole new look where no one knows her, and a vacation is the perfect opportunity.

In the past, we could easily spot a wig, but today’s wigs are beautifully constructed, hold their shape, are easy to maintain and look like a woman just received an incredible cut and color.

There are two types of wigs — human hair or synthetic hair. There are advantages to both.

Human hair wigs can withstand heat, color and perms – anything you can do with your own hair, you can do with a human hair wig. The downside of human hair wigs, is that it does not hold a style for as long as a synthetic wig.

Synthetic hair, as long as you never comb them when wet, maintain any added curl or body.

Merle Norman customers often report that they find it easier to take care of and style a wig than their natural hair.

Some Merle Norman customers prefer hair extensions and hairpieces to wigs. For example, customers who have male-patterned baldness find that a hairpiece is the perfect solution.

Women going through chemotherapy are able to find wigs that match their natural hair, but some go for an entirely different look, and find themselves continuing to wear wigs long past the point where they need too.  Merle Norman offers a 10% discount on wigs for chemotherapy patients.

Let’s face it, wigs look great! They are perfectly colored and have incredible-style. Whether it is for a special occasion, or to feel better when going through medical treatments, wigs look fantastic.

To learn more about wigs, hair extensions or hairpieces, contact:

Merle Norman Cosmetics, Wigs and Day Spa

3925 – 8th Avenue SE, Suite F

Lacey, WA 98503



*Name changed to protect privacy.

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