Elite Cleaning of Washington Deep Cleans Your New Home

Scottiejo McNulty is the owner of Elite Cleaning Services of Washington.


Buying a home is both thrilling and terrifying.  Your investment becomes real when you finally receive the keys and cross the threshold for the first time.  But if you open the door to a mess, then what?

Unless stipulated in the purchase contract, most homes are only required to be ‘broom clean.’  Purchases of short sales or foreclosure properties are often entirely as-is.  Both of these often leave the new buyer wishing for the services of a professional like Elite Cleaning of Washington.  Says owner Scottiejo McNulty, “when you buy a house, you buy the dirt and everything in it” but that’s something she and her team can easily remedy.

Using green cleaning techniques, the Elite Cleaning team can make your new home clean, germ-free, and reduce allergens and dust.  They capably handle surfaces, appliances, walls, windows, and anything the property requires, on a one time, as needed, or flexibly scheduled basis.  By providing free estimates and being willing to do it all, the customer’s needs are met and satisfaction is guaranteed.

McNulty belongs to many local civic organizations like the Better Business Bureau, many regional Chambers of Commerce, and the Thurston MLSA networking group.  This offers her the opportunity to meet local realtors and clients and market her years of experience.  Some realtors will purchase Elite Cleaning’s services for new homebuyers as a thank-you gift, ensuring a happy transition for their clients.

“Who wants to put your food into a refrigerator that isn’t clean?” says McNulty, or let your children play on floors coated with the dust and dander of previous homeowners.  By providing residential cleaning check-lists, families can determine which services they need and how often.  This customer-first attitude is how the company has grown from 29 clients in 2011 to over 280 today.  Word-of-mouth referrals are vital, and Elite Cleaning of Washington says over 80% of new clients come from current happy customers.

Questions and requests can be directed to Scottiejo directly at 360-529-2277.


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