Stephen Cobb Mixes Raw Desserts

olympia desserts
Cobb's peanut butter cups includes a hint of coconut oil and cinnamon.


By Mary Ellen Psaltis

hirschSome engineers design bridges or drive trains, but Stephen Cobb engineers handmade desserts. They are naturally naughty (self-described) desserts perfect for all occasions: topping off a romantic candle-lit dinner at home or picnicking at the park with your family. You might be overcome with desire to have one in the front seat of your car while you are in-between here and there. Cobb’s wholesome delights can satisfy many hungers.

cobb desserts olympia
Stephen and Rebecca Cobb make desserts using mostly raw ingredients.  Photo courtesy Cobbs Treats.

Stephen Cobb’s business is a reflection of his personal evolution of healthful living. Perhaps the seeds were planted over three years ago when he eliminated gluten from his eating and found the fog in his brain lifted. This led to more healthful food choices and greater awareness of “you are what you eat.”

Two and a half years ago, Cobb and his wife Rebecca (the business manager) choose to forego the crowded freeways and atmosphere of Southern California. They longed for clean drinking water, locally grown food, and the culture around it. They chose Olympia, a place that provides all three and more. It’s a great fit.

The Cobb’s settled into a darling home (because they decorated it) on Olympia’s east side, made friends with shopping at the Co-Op and dove into the real-food scene. The hobby of making desserts came “out of thin air.”

Cobb says, “I bake.” His ingredients are locally sourced, when possible, and the rest come from businesses that are fair trade and organic. Many of the ingredients remain raw. One of the cheesecakes features blackberries and blueberries, honey, cashews and coconut. The crust is made with walnuts and dates. There is no need to feel nutritional regret while eating one of these desserts. Cobb likes to imagine his treats are like picking fruit right off the tree. Of course, there are no chemicals flavorings or preservatives.

I met Stephen at the Co-Op when he was offering samples of his peanut butter cups. The marriage of chocolate and peanut butter has been a favorite of mine since I bit into my first Reese’s many moons ago. Cobb elevates this classic combo with hints of coconut oil and cinnamon wrapped in Granada chocolate.The desserts are free from grains, gluten, dairy and soy – and you won’t miss any of them!

olympia desserts
Cobb’s peanut butter cups includes a hint of coconut oil and cinnamon.  Photo courtesy Cobbs Treats

Our conversation flowed easily from chocolate to eating styles to small businesses. I love Olympia, too.

You can find Cobb’s at the Olympia Food Co-Op, Tamale Fusion, and Spuds Produce Market.  Dillinger’s serves selected desserts.  Keep track of their activities on Facebook.

As the Cobb’s grow their tasty business, they are pleased to be part of the local food scene. Cobb sees “feeding Olympia” as part of his future. They want to thrive and share their high quality, fabulous goodies. Will it be a food cart? Café?

With peanut butter cup in hand, I’ll contentedly watch their progress.

Eat Well – Be Well


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