Earn Your Junior Ranger Badge with City of Olympia’s Junior Ranger Adventure

junior park ranger olympia
Connecting kids with nature is the primary goal of the City of Olympia's Junior Ranger Adventures.


junior park ranger olympia
Connecting kids with nature is the primary goal of the City of Olympia’s Junior Ranger Adventures.

When we travel on vacation, we try to weave in a trip to a National Park.  The first thing the kids clamor for is the newspaper describing the Junior Ranger program.  Each park has different requirements for the badge.  My husband and I appreciate the direction of accomplishing the tasks to earn the badge.  Now, we can do the same tasks in our own backyard.  We can skip all the packing, planning, and of course hundreds of miles of driving and sign up the girls for a Junior Ranger Adventure in Olympia.

On June 14 and August 9, kids can explore three different City of Olympia parks.  “They will learn to appreciate nature through responsible and fun recreation while exploring stewardship, local ecosystems, habitats, and wildlife,” says program specialist, Christina Lamour.

The Junior Ranger Adventure is in its third year and is being offered on two separate dates this year.  Open to kids ages six through eleven, it’s a great chance to learn from a certified interpretive guide.

junior park ranger olympia
Kids can earn their Junior Park Ranger badge on either June 14 or August 9.

Sylvana Niehuser, Park Ranger for the City of Olympia, is enthusiastic about this year’s program.  “Parents can expect their kids to learn about habitats, local wildlife, and how they can be stewards of the environment,” she explains.

Niehuser has worked for the City of Olympia since 2008 and indicates that all the program staff is experienced working with youth.

During the one-day adventure, kids will visit Priest Point Park, Mission Creek Nature Park, and Friendly Grove.  A nature walk, wildlife observation, fun activities and a picnic are on the agenda.

The Junior Ranger Adventure begins at 9:00 am and is expected to last until 12:30 pm.  Earn your badge on either June 14 or August 9.  The cost is $29 per child.  To register, click here.


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