Dave King Restores a Home’s Historic Integrity

olympia historic home


By Gail Wood

Puget Sound EnergySo, you’ve finally moved into that older home you’ve been admiring and you’re thinking about updating your turn-of-the-century Victorian style home.

You’re wondering, should you replace those old windows, which leak heat and waste energy? Dave King has a two-word answer for you – no way.

olympia historic homeWith proper sealing and storm windows, he said you can improve the energy efficiency while retaining the historic integrity of the home.

“The vast majority of the heat loss in homes is through the attic or uninsulated walls, not windows,” King said.

King, a fourth-generation woodworker, is in the business of preserving the traditional wood-trimmed windows in historic homes. He’s the owner of Eco Woodworks, a Tumwater business that specializes in custom carpentry.

King said a lot of people who have recently bought an older home don’t realize they don’t have to replace their windows with vinyl. The selling pitch for vinyl windows is as an energy efficient option. King’s goal is to help inform people about their options before they yank out those original windows.

Adding fiberglass insulation in the attic has three times the R-factor impact from changing the least energy efficient single-pane windows to the most energy efficient window, King explained.

But King added that it’s now possible to retrofit the glass in existing wood sash windows with double pane insulated glass. That alone will increase the R-value, a measurement of efficiency.

In addition to windows, King can design custom trim packages for your cabinetry, wood door and window replacements.  He also does custom wood furniture.

olympia historic homeFrom design to production, from finish to installation, King works to create the peace and style that the homeowner wants. Eco Woodworks is the local leader for wood window restoration and historic preservation.

Despite the manufacturers’ claim of vinyl windows lasting 20 to 30 years, King said 30 percent of the windows he replaces are less than 10 years old.

King said that a lot of homeowners don’t know that their old windows can be saved. With King’s help, homeowners can keep their wood-trimmed windows and still save energy.

King, who first started Eco Woodworks over 15 years ago, has a passion for woodwork. He’s learned from many old school craftsmen who were building “green” long before the term was a bumper sticker slogan.  King has two other skilled carpenters swinging a hammer with him.  Devin Markoff is King’s lead carpenter and Gabe Watson joined the team in early 2010 as part of an apprenticeship through Rising Tide School. Tom Egan works in the shop, taking care of estimates, design and making sure everyone is on schedule.

capitol theaterKing takes pride in preserving and restoring older homes to its original state. That might mean restoring a broken piece of wood furniture or fixing and saving the window trim on an old home.

“We love the challenge of great restoration,” King said.

King had the privilege of restoring some of the trim on the old Capitol Theater in downtown Olympia.  Over the years, King has worked with the Bigelow House Preservation Association and the City of Olympia’s Heritage Commission in ensuring that historic architecture and design are preserved so that everyone in the coming years will be able to enjoy it.

In his efforts to preserve and restore historic homes, Eco Woodworks works with windows, doors, custom cabinets, restoration and preservation, wood trim and molding, and urban tree salvage. King also works with custom woodwork and he said if you can see it in your mind, then they can build it.

“Often our clients are looking for that little something extra that’s going to set their home apart from others,” King said.

olympia historic homeKing allows the customer to partner with his in-house design team to create custom pieces that reflect their unique personality. Customers are often looking to replicate that vintage decking and siding that can’t found at the big box chain store.

“If you’re in the market for true dimension lumber and need a shop that will mill it to your specs, Eco Woodworks has you covered,” King said.

King said if you have a restoration project coming up and need help, just give him a call at 360-943-3808 for a complimentary assessment.  You can learn more about his business by clicking here.


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