Clinking Champagne Glasses at the Christmas Forest Silver Bells Breakfast

christmas forest breakfast


By Lisa Herrick

oly fed sponsorHave you ever sipped champagne in The Forest? My initial response to that question was no. Although a bottle of bubbly under a canopy of trees does sound alluring, the champagne breakfast at Christmas Forest appears to be a lovely and upcoming option. On the morning of Thursday, December 5 guests have the opportunity to enjoy a champagne breakfast at the Providence St. Peter Foundation’s Silver Bells Breakfast as part of the week long holiday fundraiser Christmas Forest.

The Silver Bells Breakfast, sponsored by Olympia Federal Savings, includes holiday favors and special entertainment by the North Thurston High School Chamber Choir. The Chamber Choir is a highly talented group of 16 girls who auditioned and were selected to perform at various community events, competitions, and festivals such as Christmas Forest.

christmas forest breakfastKelle Schalin, Special Events Manager for Providence St. Peter Foundation exclaims, “The Silver Bells Breakfast has turned out to be quite the event of the season—everyone wants to attend. We sell mini-trees, which are 2-foot designer trees. It is a fun way to dress up in holiday attire and get into the holiday spirit.”  Schalin explains that many of the guests are either groups of friends celebrating the holidays together or businesses taking out their employees as an expression of appreciation. All those attending are seeking the opportunity to enjoy a champagne breakfast amidst the beautifully decorated holiday trees and wreaths of Christmas Forest but also for the purpose to support the mission and work of Providence St. Peter Foundation.

The Silver Bells Breakfast presents a special program to raise money for the Providence St. Peter Hospital Regional Neuroscience Center, specifically the Stroke Center. Stroke is a foremost cause of serious, long-term disability in Washington State. A stroke occurs when a blood vessel in the brain either bursts or is blocked. When this happens, the affected areas of the brain do not receive oxygen and cells begin to die, leading to permanent disability. Prompt treatment of a stroke is crucial, and effective treatments do exist, especially when the patient is able to reach a stroke center during the very narrow window of time that exists to deliver successful treatment.

christmas forest breakfastJocelyn Wood, Development and Communications Manager for Providence St. Peter Foundation shares, “Providence St. Peter Hospital recently implemented a telestroke network, which allows for emergency bedside video conferencing between rural hospitals and specialized neurologists, so that all patients in a five-county area can receive gold-standard stroke treatment, regardless of their distance from Providence St. Peter Hospital.”

As the sponsor of the Silver Bells Breakfast, Olympia Federal Savings shares in the commitment to Providence St. Peter’s mission as well as efforts to directly support the Stroke Center.  Schalin describes the important role that Olympia Federal Savings has played with Christmas Forest over many years. “Olympia Federal Savings has been a long-standing and critical partner with Christmas Forest supporting the Providence mission and helping to expand care.  As a long time sponsor of the Silver Bells Breakfast, Oly Fed staffs the breakfast, supplies the fun holiday favors, beautiful centerpieces and lovely champagne. By offering this support, Oly Fed helps us raise the money that Providence St. Peter Foundation can dedicate directly to the Stroke Center. Without their sponsorship we would not be able to offer the Silver Bells Breakfast as a holiday event for the community.”

Annually, Olympia Federal Savings is dedicated to returning at least 5 percent of its profits to the community. However, in the recent years and during these more challenging economic times, Olympia Federal has contributed in excess of 10 percent of profits back to the community. Along with providing financial support, its employees also donate many hours volunteering for a variety of nonprofits. They support cultural events, affordable housing, health and human services, children’s programs, and numerous charitable organizations.

christmas forest breakfastProvidence St. Peter Foundation’s Christmas Forest opens on Wednesday, December 4. Located at the Red Lion Hotel in Olympia, this five-day holiday fundraiser showcases a festive display of Christmas trees and wreaths decorated by local businesses, interior designers, florists, and talented individuals. Christmas Forest offers an exciting week of events, public viewing times, a gift shop and activities for the entire family.

Christmas Forest provides vital funds to ensure better health for the entire community. Over the past 26 years, the Forest has raised significant funds for life-saving medical equipment  and compassionate programs such as No One Dies Alone, Hospice Respite and Comfort Care, and the Providence St. Peter Sexual Assault Clinic. Funds from Christmas Forest also support Providence ministries in Southwest Washington including Providence St. Peter Hospital, Providence Mother Joseph Care Center, Providence Medical Group, Providence St. Francis House, and Providence Sound Home Care & Hospice.

The Silver Bells Breakfast including all Christmas Forest events will take place at the Red Lion Hotel in Olympia (2300 Evergreen Park Drive, Olympia 98502). For reservations or more information about any of the Christmas Forest events or public viewings, call 360.493.7981 or click here.


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