Club Z! Tutoring: Learning How To Learn

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olympia tutorWhether pre-K or pre-Med, Olympia’s Club Z! tutoring helps with sliding grades, new school transitions, maintaining sports GPA requirements, and overall study skills for students ages four to sixty.

The majority of students sign on for help with math and reading, though Club Z! offers tutors in any subject needed.  Traditionally, after setting up a baseline in one-on-one meetings, the student will meet with their tutor twice a week for 60-90 minutes.  The duration of tutoring depends on the subject or need.  Test preparation sessions will be intensive meetings through the testing date whereas transitional or traditional sessions vary.  Says owner Angela Grant “everything revolves around the child.”

Overall, high school or college students will work with their tutor for the duration of the class, whereas younger children’s tutoring varies by need.  One local student has worked with Club Z! continually beginning in second grade until graduating high school this year.

Such long-term mentoring is not unusual, especially if the student and their tutor develop a close, productive relationship.  Having a staff of over 50 tutors ensures that there will be a tutor available whose personality, skill-set, and training best aid every student.

One thing taught to every student, regardless of age, ability, or subject matter is how to study.  Good study skills “bring sanity to every household,” Grant states, “so you don’t have to work so hard” to achieve success.  Through a program called “Learning Built to Last” students are offered customized study programs, built on the type of academic process best suited to them.  Whether the need is for advanced academics or simply managing time, homework, and sports…and still maintaining a family and social life.  Club Z! has a plan for everyone.

Enrollment with Club Z! is a simple process, with no contract required.  Billing is done on an hourly basis and all work is performed one-on-one with the student.  The initial consultation with their staff can help establish what expectations, steps, and timeframe might be called for, and lay the groundwork for progress.

For questions or to arrange a private consultation, Club Z! can be found online or by calling 360.436.6615.

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