This Week’s Favorite Features – Field Trips Around Olympia

taylor shellfish


The countdown to school (or the end of summer) has begun.  At my house, we’re starting to think about school supplies, bus schedules, and cold lunches again.  I have started thinking about how to transition to a more “normal” bed time.  All in all, I feel the end of summer coming quickly.  And, I bet that teachers are starting to feel it too.

In today’s summary of favorite stories, I’ve pulled some great articles about field trips around Olympia.  These articles not only highlight awesome companies and non-profit organizations but also talk about super opportunities for our kids to learn from their local environment.

Here’s to the first bell on September 4.

JBLM Program Combines Sci-Fi & Reality For Fifth Graders

The Evergreen STARBASE field trip is a n option for fifth grade classes that want to expose kids to technology.  The field trip is funded by the Department of Defense to provide a new appreciation for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) curriculum.

Thrifty Thurston Tours Taylor Shellfish Farms

Taylor Shellfish, the largest producer of Manila clams and geoducks in the United States, hosts students at their production facility and beaches.  A guided tour includes watching Taylor employees clean shellfish and prepare them for shipping.  Then, kids head out onto the beach for a scavenger hunt of local creatures.  The focus is on teaching kids about the importance of clean water on the habitat.

Madison Elementary Parents + Community Join Forces To Build Garden

While this may be a slight deviation from my theme, school gardens are popping up all over Olympia.  What a fantastic way to supplement “in the classroom” learning.  Getting kids fingers dirty and helping them grow vegetables is a vital part of combating childhood obesity.  Many school gardens donate their produce to the Thurston County Food Bank, teaching kids the value of philanthropy.

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