Olympia Federal Savings Earns Bauer Financial 5-Star Rating For 100th Consecutive Quarter


Submitted by Olympia Federal Savings

BauerFinancial Inc., an independent rating service that analyzes and reports on the financial condition of the nation’s banking industry has awarded Olympia Federal Savings a 5-Star Rating for the 100th consecutive quarter, an honor they have received since Bauer began rating institutions in 1988.  The 5-Star rating is Bauer’s highest and reflects their review of Olympia Federal’s quarterly and annual statements. Only 1% of the nation’s banks earned Bauer’s 5-Star rating.

Bauer has earned a reputation as the nation’s bank rating service and government regulators routinely refer thousands of consumers to BauerFinancial each year.

“Twenty-five years of continuous 5-star ratings.  That’s impressive,” said Karen L. Dorway, President of BauerFinancial.  “It takes a top-notch team to maintain excellence in areas of capital, asset quality and profitability especially given the current economic environment we have been experiencing the last few years.”

Olympia Federal Savings was founded in 1906 and is a state-chartered mutual savings institution with seven branches serving Thurston and Mason counties.  As of their year-end of March 31, 2013 Olympia Federal had assets totaling $554 million.

For more information on Olympia Federal Savings visit www.olyfed.com.  For more information on BauerFinancial, visit www.bauerfinancial.com


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