Long Lake Park – Summertime Fun For All

long lake lacey
Long Lake is a popular swimming hole, located on Carpenter Road in Lacey.


By Morgan Willie

Olympia Auto Mall sponsorWhen I was a kid, I spent the majority of my hot summer days at Long Lake Park. My mom would pile a few friends of mine into her car, along with beach towels and plenty of snacks, and we’d all head out to the park for a great time. At Long Lake my friends and I found jumping off the dock and lying in the sun to be particularly delightful.

To this day, Long Lake is very dear to my heart and I still make time to hang out there during the summer. The lake is one of the best places to catch some rays and enjoy the company of others. It really is a wonderful little piece of Lacey.

long lake lacey
Long Lake is a popular swimming hole, located on Carpenter Road in Lacey.

Long Lake Park, located at 2790 Carpenter Road, is definitely a multipurpose space. There are two sand volleyball courts and 285 feet of waterfront lawn to spread your towels out on. Bringing a Frisbee or a football to toss around is always a good plan as well. However, bringing your pooch or some alcohol is prohibited when it comes to beachfront rules. This is to ensure that the park stays clean and family friendly. There are lifeguards on duty to oversee swimmers and you’ll occasionally see Lacey police officers cruising by to make sure the scene is safe.

Because the park is such a versatile spot, it appeals to people of all ages. Long Lake is a nice place to take your kids to cool off in the afternoon, but it’s also a sweet common area to gather your friends for a volleyball scrimmage or a barbeque. Speaking of barbeques, there are a few grills and picnic tables if you intend to cook lunch there. If you forget something, or you need to pick up some drinks for the party, a 7-Eleven convenience store is located on Carpenter Road just a 5-minute drive away.

It is my highest recommendation that you get to the park early to reserve a bench and grill if entertaining a group is on the agenda. The park fills up very quickly, especially mid-afternoon when people decide that the weather is too hot not to chill out in the lake. If you need extra seating, the grass is always pretty plush and green. Bring some extra blankets or towels and you’ll be set!

long lake lacey
One of Long Lake park’s many amenities are volleyball courts.

If sun-tanning in the blistering heat gets to be too much, then there are also a few trails winding in the woodland to walk through. The trails are very quaint and easy to handle, which makes them great to take the kids along. You may want to bring mosquito repellent or a light jacket for the wooded areas. It wouldn’t be fun to get a bite on your day out at the lake!

Long Lake Park is perfect for those looking to spend just a few hours or an entire day having a blast near the waterfront. Whether you go to relax and enjoy the sun, or you go for a lakeside party, using this space is always a fantastic option.

As always, remember safety around water.  Find more local water safety tips here.  Additional information about Long Lake Park can be found on this website.


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