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Dwayne Boggs incorporates community giving into his business.


Dwayne Boggs began inspecting homes in Thurston County 9.5 years ago.  During that time, he has been inside literally hundreds of homes in our community.  Boggs experience makes him the ideal choice to ensure that the home you are buying is what you think you are getting.

When you find the home of your dreams, you may not visually see the hidden destruction of termites, rodents or ants.  A knowledgeable, licensed home inspection is trained to find these devastating creatures that cause hundreds of dollars of damage.

Boggs inspects homes in Thurston, Mason, Lewis, Grays Harbor, and Pierce Counties.  He notes that some pests are more likely to be found in certain communities.

“The Washington Association of Pest Inspectors posts maps of regions in our community that are more known for having specific pest issues,” says Boggs.  He uses this information as a starting point but approaches each house independently.

During a home inspection, Boggs will spend at least two hours reviewing both the exterior and interior of the home.  During that time, Boggs will be looking for key areas where termites may have damaged the exterior structure.   He will also be inspecting the duct work, looking for any problems caused by rats.

Boggs follows a set procedure when he inspects a home.  As a licensed structural pest inspector, Boggs has the knowledge and skills to notify buyers about pest damage.

Boggs is a firm believer in prevention.  The Olympia-based home inspector encourages home owners to prevent major pest problems by visiting the crawl space and attics at least once a year.

Along with noticing early signs of pests like carpenter ants, rats and termites, home owners can also spot disconnected duct work or plumbing leaks.  Boggs notes that it’s much easier to repair these issues before a home is listed for sale.

While most pest controllers have a professional reputation, Boggs is also able to recommend a professional pest controller to manage any noticeable problems.

During his career, Boggs has built a network of approved contractors.  He takes referrals seriously and has high expectations for the professionalism and skill level of the contractors that he recommends.  Should you notice a pest problem Boggs can help you solve it.

Knowing what you are buying, before signing on the bottom line is critical for homeowners.  Being able to turn to a professional, knowledgeable home inspector that will educate you about the home seals the deal.

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