Thrifty Thurston Turns To Olympia Toy Store For Game Night Hysteria

olympia toy store


By Stacy Fisher

Some of my favorite family memories involve board games and, although I realize that we may be a more competitive bunch than most, our family takes this game time very seriously.

We would settle on teams and play Trivia Pursuit until the last team fell over due to exhaustion.  There would be great arguments, defeats and fantastic wins, and I loved every minute of it.  We have card games that are so fast and silly, we have used them as a sort of initiation ritual into the family.

As my children grow-up, I love that they are reaching ages that they enjoy playing these games with us, and I’m always on the look-out for new family favorites.  This being so, you can imagine my delight to learn that our local Olympia toy store, Wind Up Here, lets you rent games.

Rent a Game

olympia toy storeThis is not a new service.  The downtown Olympia toy store has been renting games out for over five years.  For a small fee ($2 for card games and $3.50 for board games) you can rent a game and keep it for 72 hours.  If you love the game, and would like to buy it, you can even deduct the rental fee from your purchase.  Wind Up Here has a wonderful selection of new and classic games and staff to help recommend an age appropriate choice.

Sitting down with Wind Up Here owner Brekke Hewitt at the store’s game table, we spoke about some of the hot games right now.

Timeline is blowing up right now, one of the most fun smaller card games.  Pandemic is an adult cooperative game that just came back to the market in a new format, and is an amazing one.  Dominion and The Settlers are games that every game playing family should have in their library.  And Asara is a new one we have totally fallen in love with.  Then there are ones that are timeless, like Set and Five Crowns and have been around for years and people come back to buy another set because they have worn out their decks.  So many!”  Hewitt mentioned that many people rent a couple games at a time to use at birthday parties, schools and family get-togethers.

Friday Game Nights

olympia toy storeEach Friday night, at Wind Up Here, you can expect to see some playing going on.  A theme is chosen and you are welcome to stop in and join in the fun.  On the fourth Friday of every month, from 5:30 to 7:30pm, the store offers Game Night.

“We play about six to eight games, so we make sure that there is different age ranges and everyone can find something fun.  If someone is down here to play, we will find something for them,” elaborates Hewitt.

Other Friday night events include crafts, readings by local author, active play nights and science experiments.

The best thing about game nights is the relatively inexpensive cost (especially if you borrow a game) and the quality time that you can spend with your friends and family.  Our family is currently obsessed with Chinese Checkers and Battleship – what are your favorites?

olympia toy storeVisit Wind Up Here’s website for more information about events and scheduled game nights or swing into the downtown Olympia toy store.



Wind Up Here

121 Fifth Ave., SE

Olympia, WA  98501




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