This Week’s Favorite Features – Valentine’s Day In Olympia



I admit to being a fan of Valentine’s Day, but really only for my kid’s sake.  My nature tends towards practicality.  Sappy notes, stale boxed chocolates, or overpriced flowers aren’t my ‘thing.’ The part I like – the focus on being kind to others.  It’s a holiday message that’s easy to explain to elementary school daughters.  And, my most favorite part of the holiday – helping my kids craft homemade Valentine’s for their friends and classmates.

We skip the boxes of pre-made pieces of paper and instead raid the art supply bins.  Let’s be clear, though.  I’m not the crafty parent that can whip up a creative Valentine on my own.  Instead, I turn to experts (and Google) to pick a design.  Then, we organize supplies and my kids get set loose on an afternoon of cutting, drawing, and gluing.  This year, the girls are just finishing up a stack of office dot monsters courtesy of Jennifer Crain’s homemade Valentine article.

If you need a quick reminder of our Valentine’s Day related stories, just look below and click where appropriate.  Be mine!

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