Ostrom’s Mushrooms Shifts To Recycled Paper Packaging


This month, my locally-grown mushrooms are packed in a pretty pink box.  Gone is the blue styrofoam tubs.  In its place are informative labels and recycled materials.

Beyond promoting the company’s role in supporting breast cancer research, Ostrom Mushroom Farm’s paper packaging is revolutionizing the method of delivering fresh, tasty mushrooms to your table.

Fletcher Street, Ostrom’s Director of Marketing and Sales, explains that the mushroom industry typically uses a styrofoam till to contain mushrooms.  Some growers have upgraded to a recycled plastic container, similar to what is used to create soda bottles.  But the recycled content is still not as high as using paper.

“Ostrom’s paper till is unique and now being copied by other growers.  It’s able to be recycled with other paper products and most importantly sustainably sourced,” says Street.

Street adds that grocery shoppers are asking for better packaging.  The packaging change represents a strategic direction for the company. “Despite representing a cost increase to Ostrom’s, it’s a cost that we’re willing to bear because we believe the consumer will appreciate it,” adds Street.

Street also notes that there is no impact to the shelf life of the mushrooms when packaged in paper rather than styrofoam containers.  This is good news for shoppers who load up on fresh veggies at the supermarket.

With a full nutritional label, a web link to get tasty recipes, and information about the health benefits of mushrooms, Ostrom’s packaging choices are sure to be a hit with mushroom shoppers.

Learn even more about this locally owned and operated company by clicking here.

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