Thrifty Thurston Dishes About Ice Cream Shops In Olympia, Lacey + Tumwater



Capitol City Honda sponsorIn a slight departure from traditional Thrifty Thurston posts, this feature is entirely devoted to my favorite dessert – ice cream.  It’s summer, so it’s very difficult to resist (both the ice cream and writing about it).

As a consummate lover of ice cream, it was not difficult to find the time or interest to travel around to some delicious stores in town for “research.”

Bayview Thriftway – 516 – 4th Ave West in downtown Olympia

What?  A grocery store makes the list?  I am not talking about the tubs found in the frozen food aisle but rather the delightful scoops you can get from the deli.  Bayview Thriftway, a locally owned company, serves up Olympic Mountain Ice Cream, an artesian local company tucked away in the Skokomish River Valley.  Order one of 5 flavors of ice cream, 11 types of gelato or 3 sorbets.  Then, take your scoop upstairs to enjoy the beautiful view or stroll outside along the Percival Landing boardwalk.

Grandpa’s Soda Fountain and Ice Cream Parlor – 208 – 4th Ave West in downtown Olympia

Recently opened in downtown Olympia, Grandpa’s is reviving the old-school soda fountain and ice cream parlor.  Pick from 24 flavors of soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt or 8 flavors of hard ice cream.  The soda fountain also offers syrups, nuts, and candy toppings or shift to a traditional shake or malt.  Locally owned, Grandpa’s offers outdoor seating or walk a few blocks to the downtown Olympia fountain.

i.talia pizzeria – 2505 – 4th Ave West in West Olympia

This popular West Olympia pizzeria may not be the first place you think of when deciding to head out on the town to order a scoop.  Serving gelato, the Italian word for ice cream, i.talia creates a complete experience with small dishes and dainty little spoons.  “We have Olympic Mountain make our gelato and serve it out of a case we shipped over Italy,” says local business owner Adam Adrian who describes gelato as lighter than ice cream with a creamy smooth texture.  The Olympia pizzeria offers 12 gelato flavors plus 1 dairy-free sorbet.  Enjoy your gelato at the restaurant or walk a few blocks to Yauger Park.  (Schedule your visit on a Wednesday.  1/2 price wine for you + gelato for the kids… sounds delightful.)

LIMEberry Yogurt – 2 locations in Tumwater – Littlerock Road and near the Airport and 1 location in Lacey on Tallon Drive (a second Lacey location is planned for College Street)

Want friendly service, a fun atmosphere, and a place where you’re in charge?  Head over to LIMEberry and sample one of ten different flavors.  LIMEberry keeps five standard yogurts including one non-dairy sorbet constant.  Then, the locally owned business owners rotate five additional flavors.  Choose from more than 50 toppings including fresh fruit and candy from the topping bar.  Consistently holding fundraisers at the shop, LIMEberry has an excellent reputation for being involved in the community.  With self-serve frozen yogurt flavors that rotate regularly and a wide variety of toppings, you are certain to find a match for every taste bud in the family.  Click here to read more about the original store.

Sweet Dreams Confectionary – Olympia Farmers Market

With the exception of the occasional ‘rain out,’ you can find Sweet Dreams Confectionary at the Olympia Farmers Market.  The long-standing vendor also serves Olympic Mountain Ice Cream.  It’s the perfect compliment to a delightful day at the Market, listening to live music and shopping.  Or, walk just across the parking lot to the Port Plaza and enjoy your treat while watching water traffic and sea life.

Twisties – 5500 Corporate Center Ln SE, Suite B in Lacey

Cool off with a tasty treat at Twisties.  Pick one of eight fantastic flavors from Portland’s YoCream Frozen Yogurt.  Then, top with an almost unlimited list of treats such as sprinkles, cookie bites, or raspberry syrup.  In a self-serve environment, it’s easy to let everyone in the family manage their own creation.  Since you pay by the weight of the final dish (only $0.43 per ounce), you are in control of exactly how much delicious soft-serve frozen yogurt you want.  Enjoy free wifi or watch a TV program with friends in the lounge.  Read this previous post to learn more.

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