Providence Medical Group Opens Hawks Prairie Facility



Set to open on June 4th, Hawks Prairie area residents will soon have access to a new, 28,500 square foot medical center.

The new Providence Medical Group clinic, located at 2555 Marvin Road NE in Lacey, will house three medical teams with space to add a fourth team in the future.

Inside the facility, patients will find family practice, internal medicine, and endocrinology providers.

Providence Medical Group partnered with the architect and contractor when developing the clinic space.  The goal was to create a space that would align Providence’s commitment to patient centered care and a team based care model offered in a medical home.  (Read this previous article for more information on Providence’s philosophy of providing care in a medical home model.)

“There has been a clear shift in the delivery of primary care,” explains Dr. Rik Emaus, Chief Executive, Providence Medical Group, Southwest Washington.  “We have to gear up to take care of entire populations of people that need preventive services, follow-up appointments, lab tests, and other routine procedures,” he adds.

The building is designed in four modules plus a lab and diagnostic imaging space.  Each module includes a welcoming reception area.

The design of the space encourages providers, nurses, pharmacy technicians, and other health care personnel to circulate and support the care in a common work area.  Educators can work side-by-side with doctors.

“Instead of having a private doctor’s office, requiring people to come and find you, we are all out in a shared work area,” comments Emaus.

The new facility supports Providence’s medical home model of delivering primary care.  “You will have a home base team that will take care of you.  Your primary care physician will lead the team and other members of the team will support you to make sure that you get the care you need,” describes Emaus.

Emaus explains that team members will now reach out to patients to coordinate medical care such as scheduling follow-up appointments and diagnostic testing.  “Helping patients manage their routine care will enable us to catch issues earlier, preventing patients from needing highly acute, more expensive care,” adds Emaus.

In addition to primary care, the Hawks Prairie medical facility will also include Dr. Michael Shannon, an endocrinologist treating patients with thyroid disorders, diabetes and osteoporosis.

“Situating Endocrinology in the same building as primary care teams encourages collaboration.  It allows us to optimize preventative care and provide strong disease management education,” says Emaus.

Providence Medical Group has adopted the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Triple Aim philosophy:

  • optimize a patient’s experience,
  • deliver high quality care, and
  • deliver care that is affordable to both the patient and the population.

“If we build services and make decisions that align with these objectives, then we will have taken steps in the right direction,” comments Emaus.

“It was our clear intent to have a community-based location that provides patient centered care in a highly integrated fashion,” summarizes Emaus.

Need a doctor?  Visit or contact the following Providence Medical Group clinics that are currently accepting new patients.

Hawks Prairie Family Medicine – 360.413.4200

Hawks Prairie Internal Medicine – 360.923.4600

East Olympia Family Medicine – 360.486.6777

Olympia Endocrinology – 360.413.4250

South Sound Internal Medicine – 360.491.1112

St. Peter Family Medicine – 360.493.7230

West Olympia Family Medicine – 360.486.6710

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