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Joy Ride Bikes LaceySubmitted by Luke Brechwald, Joy Ride Bikes

Our local cycling team Olympia Orthopaedics Associcates/ CBC racing promotes individual and team pursuits in road, cyclocross and mountain biking. There are 75 men and women who compete locally, regionally, nationally and internationally on our local team.  As a form of motivation and team building we organize and participate in our annual team camp. This camp offers individuals a chance to meet and build relationships with new team mates as well as connect with old friends & competitors. Road racing is a team sport so it is essential to communicate with fellow racers in order to understand current and future goals of all members racing in each category.   This year our team camp started with various routes/distances to Centralia from Olympia on Saturday, overnight stay at McMennamins Hotel and different routes back to Olympia.

Forty Olympia Orthopaedics race team members gathered under dark questionable skies Feb.25th for our annual Team Camp. Preparation for our camp consisted of a vehicle filled with our bags and a support vehicle filled with extra wheels and tools.  The designated support vehicle would be behind the team for most of the ride in order to help us get to McMenamin in Centralia efficiency. There were several routes from 70 to 100 miles. Half of the team would continue on to Centralia to spend the night while other team members would head back to Olympia.

After experiencing some sleet, snow, rain and chilly temperatures McMenamin and hot showers were a welcome sight.  Once we showered we spent the evening relaxing and chatting with team mates.  Experienced racers and new racers chatted for hours giving advice and answering questions. It was fun reminiscing about some of the past races.  And discussing how the races and experiences taught us lessons that we could past down to the new racers.

In the morning about twenty-three of us headed various routes back to Olympia. The longest route mapped was 100 miles. The rain held off long enough for us to start our return trip. Once again the team was hit with various forms of challenging weather.  A hardy 10 riders completed the whole 100 mile route on the way back to Olympia.  Derik and I practiced double pace lining on our way back into Olympia in an intense side wind in snow with a few of the newer racers.

I appreciate our yearly team camp. It is more than just putting in the miles on the bike and building strength by enduring the elements.   It is about building relationships, sharing and getting inspired.

Can’t wait until our annual team camp next year!

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