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Diane and Jeff Pust

For over 30 years, Thurston County residents and transplants have turned to Van Dorm Realty for their real estate needs.  The family business, now in its second generation of ownership, is led by Jeff and Diane Pust.  “Van Dorm Realty is run by people that live here,” says Jeff.

The real estate company touts its broker’s experience.  Both Jeff and Diane each have over 26 years of experience in the industry.  “The average broker has worked with Van Dorm for over 15 years,” explains Jeff.  The company has consistently been recognized as the top office in Thurston County.

“Our whole mission is to market our sellers properties and bring buyers into the home-  buying process” comments Diane.  Van Dorm’s Website is a great way to do that.  “Our website is super user friendly and showcases every property with a slide show or virtual tour,” adds Diane.

The Pust’s optimism about the real estate market is contagious.  “We have watched the market steadily improve since last May with increased sales,” they explain.  Diane adds that sales of high-end homes (those priced above $500,000) have come about with much more frequency where there was little movement before.  “It should be a much better year for both sellers and buyers,” Diane continues.

Van Dorm Realty

Van Dorm Realty is also optimistic about the market for sellers.  “We are telling buyers to get out and buy now before rates inch up,” says Jeff.  They reference signals that prices are stabilizing and perhaps will even begin to rise by the end of the year. “So buyers should take advantage of the ‘perfect storm’ in real estate – low interest rates and low prices – while they last,” says Jeff.  “Interest rates were in the mid-teens when we started in this business,” states Diane.


“There is just a whole different level of excitement in real estate that wasn’t there a year ago,” continues Jeff.  The mood “just feels good” he explains with a smile.

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Van Dorm Realty

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