Olympia Area Kitchen Designer – Cabinets By Trivonna: Creates Another Nurturing Environment That Won A Olympia Master Builders 2011 Remodeling Excellence Award

In order to create a truly nurturing environment, a designer needs to fully comprehend what prompts a customer to want to remodel their kitchen.  Trivonna often asks lots of questions both in our showroom and in the customer’s kitchen.

In talking with Larry and Elizabeth, she learned that Larry was the primary cook, but both were active in the kitchen – often in each other’s way. For example: she needed in the oven while he was at the stove. Upon entering their kitchen she saw that it was somewhat dated (tile counters, white doors on wood cabinets with framed soffits and pantry).

Olympia cabinetsAs they talked, she learned that, when working at the computer desk, they felt like they were in a hole — separated from the rest of the family. They also needed more (or more usable) storage.


After considering various design ideas, the new kitchen featured Dewils inset cherry cabinets. The upper cabinets kissed the ceiling (adding more storage).  The framed in pantry was replaced with two pantry cabinets including a combination of drawers and roll out trays, providing far more accessible storage.  The desk was moved to the end of the kitchen near the family room.  A wall microwave and oven were installed away from the cook-top.

olympia kitchen remodelolympia kitchen remodelersThis kitchen was remodeled by Tim Dickey, and won the Olympia Master Builders 2011 Remodeling Excellence Award!

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