Bode Family Dentistry Of Olympia: Building a Practice with Heart

Olympia DentistBill Bode was fresh out of dental school when he took over an established practice on Olympia’s west side five years ago.   Part of what drew him to dentistry in the first place was the allure of owning his own business.   “I wanted the autonomy that I have now,” says the owner of Bode Family Dentistry.

“Even though I’m a dentist and patient care is our highest priority, I have a lot of different things I’m responsible for,” says Dr. Bode.  From managing the books, to training and coordinating his staff, to facilitating patient care, Bode wears a number of different hats on any given day.  Dr. Bode loves the art of dentistry, but figuring out how to build a team and grow a business also excite and challenge him.

Dr. Bode has worked hard to bring a fresh business identity and a sense of team to the five person office. When team members initially sat down to talk about how they could best impact the Olympia community, those experienced staff members weren’t hesitant to speak up.  “It had kind of gotten into their heads,” Dr. Bode says about the Dentistry from the Heart Program he and his staff  adopted in 2009.

Back in 2003, a number of his staff members participated in a continuing education event in Florida.  Part of that experience included a visit to the dental office where the community outreach program, Dentistry from the Heart, originated.

At the time it was presented to him, Dr. Bode and his assistants, Sonya and Alyssa  were already regular volunteers at the Olympia Union Gospel Mission, but “…. we wanted to do something at our own office, If we did it here, we could see whatever it might be, (and) it ended up being about 125 patients.”

Olympia DentistIt was an easy sell for staff members.  Front Desk Manager Alyssa recalls, “We brought it up to (Dr. Bode), and he was like ‘Sure, let’s try it.’ So we tried it, and we’ve been doing it since.”  The organization provided them with a standardized template their first year, but after three years of participation in the program, staff and volunteers have their day-long event streamlined.  The event now has a permanent place on their work calendar for the first weekend in October every year.

“We guarantee that we’re going to see 100 patients for cleanings, extractions and  fillings,” explains Dr. Bode.   Because his is a one dentist practice, to meet that goal, Bode calls in reinforcements in the form of a few dental school classmates. “I actually asked them about it at my wedding,”   he laughs.  “I was like, ‘Hey guys, my staff and I are thinking about doing this.  What do you say about coming down and volunteering for a day?  It’s been the same crew for the last three years.”  Dr. Gannon Stahl of Pineview Dentistry and Dr. Ryan Chiang of Bellevue Dental Arts bring their own dental assistants with them and the combined group  puts in a 14+ hour day.

“I find that people are willing to give their time if they’re asked,” says Dr. Bode.  “It’s completely volunteer.  It’s all our family and friends that volunteer their time, and the day itself is pretty rewarding.”

One of the benefits of having a staff driven event like Dentistry from the Heart is that it has helped solidify the team at Bode Family Dentistry.   Dr. Bode knows that a collaborative team approach is key, and he’s excited that he has the right people in the right roles in his office. Dr. Bode is excited about the  possibilities for the future.  The  practice offers the full spectrum of dental services including preventative and cosmetic treatments.  “We would like to be a family place,” says Dr. Bode, and he stresses that they are able to treat the whole family, including children.  He likes the idea of taking a patient from childhood through adulthood.

“I’m a young guy with a young family, and I want to grow with my patients,”  he says.  He anticipates being in Olympia for the rest of his professional life. “I’m 32 years old and will be practicing for the next 35 plus years.  You come to me, you’re not going to have to find another dentist for a long long time,” he says with a smile.

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