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Olympia Computer RepairShawn Ratzel knows the drill.  When the average consumer buys a laptop or an all-in-one desktop  computer system, the scenario goes something like this:  “You get the box.  You get to go home, un-box the box, try to figure out where all your cables go, and once you get done with all of that battle, you now have to move your data from the old to the new.  You have to move your applications. You have to set up your printer…”  The list goes on.

Ratzel, the owner of NW PC Mobile Tech, believes there is a better way.  Not only will he build you a custom computer, but he’ll also take the next steps, installing software, transferring any data you need from an old system, and, finally, bringing it to your home to assist with the physical set up. “It comes with every single new computer that I push out of this shop.  It’s the out of the box set-up.  That’s all included.  You basically have a computer that is turn-key from the time I build it to the time I deliver it.  You also have local support.  If you have a question, concern, or whatever the case may be, pick up the phone and call me.”

For a company not quite two years old, NW PC Mobile Tech has already built a solid reputation based on customer service.  Big box stores may offer the same services he does, but they do so at a premium, and service calls are conducted by technicians who are paid by the hour and who may or may not have the credentials and experience necessary to trouble shoot a lot of the problems Ratzel sees.

With over 20 years in the computer industry, Ratzel has earned multiple credentials in both hardware and software.  They cover both laptop and desktop systems as well as commercial machines and networks.  “I’ve seen almost every single issue at least a dozen times,” he asserts, and he knows how long it should take to fix things.  If it takes longer, he doesn’t charge extra.  Unlike most of his competitors, Ratzel only charges flat rates, “I don’t do hourly,”  he says.

He jokes that he’s seen it all, but as an internal support person at Microsoft, Ratzel created fixes in previously uncharted territory.  It’s one thing to help the average consumer with a technical problem, but that’s easy compared to offering support to tech savvy software developers who would crash their computers when using untested software.   “They would put these programs on their working machines… and it would hose their whole entire working machine.  (I’d) have to go in there and figure out what (was) going on.”  He supported thousands of users on the Microsoft Campus doing break/fix work and also performing on-site hardware warranty support for Dell and HP.

Before working for Microsoft, Ratzel worked at Intel, helping to build, service, and repair Itanium based servers for software developers.  This was before 64-bit servers were mass produced and available to the general public. “We had to manufacture, from the ground floor up, board sets, chip sets, biases, chassis, all of that stuff, and put together servers and (take) them to the Microsoft Campus to put them into the Microsoft labs so that their developers could start to develop the 64 bit operating system that is now known as Windows XP 64-bit.”  Again, uncharted territory.

With that kind of experience, helping someone optimize their system, recover data from a crashed hard drive, or fix a “blue screen of death” is a piece of cake.

The same experience pays off when Ratzel builds a computer for a client.  He has established relationships and works directly with vendors, using only quality, highly rated, name brand components.  He will not use refurbished or re-certified parts.  All new systems include home set up and a three year warranty on parts and labor.  The price is inclusive, and he invites potential customers to compare it to the price they would pay for any comparable store bought computer system.

To Ratzel, the final step is crucial: “You have a problem or issue?  You call me.  If you have a hardware failure I fix it.”  If it’s a warranty issue with a component, he’ll take care of boxing up the parts and shipping.  He backs up his work with excellent local support.  It’s that simple.

Now that’s customer service.

Olympia Computer supportNW PC Mobile Tech offers:

  • Laptop and PC repair
  • Data recovery
  • Laser printer repair
  • New computer set up
  • New computer builds


For a complete list of services, check NW PC Mobile Tech out on the web:


NW PC Mobile Tech
9408 Martin Way East Suite 3
Olympia, WA 98516
Tacoma : (253) 238 5259
Olympia: (360) 486 4586
Fax: (360) 539 1799
Email: info@nwpcmobiletech.com



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