When 4 + 1 Doesn’t Add Up

State Farm InsuranceSubmitted By: William Brown


Early on, we learn 4 + 1 = 5.  But, teens, when does it not add up?  When risky driving is involved.


In the National Young Driver Survey conducted by State Farm and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, 5,665 students shared their views of teen driving.  Evidence from this survey shows four risk factors cause 84% of teen crashes.



About two-thirds of fatal teen crashes involve driver error – making mistakes due to inexperience and distractions.  Give your friends time and space to learn to drive before pressuring them for rides, and never encourage risky driving.



A teen driver’s fatal crash risk increases by three to five times if there are two or more passengers in the car.  A driver who talks on a mobile phone is four times more likely to be involved in a serious crash, regardless of whether the driver uses a hands-free cell phone.  Be aware of the changing road environment by keeping your eyes and mind on the road.



The faster you drive, the longer it takes you to stop.  Speed is involved in approximately 38% of fatal crashes involving male drivers ages 15 – 20.  Speed limits on the road were set for perfect driving conditions.



The effects of driving while tired are similar to the effects of drinking and driving.  Three-fourths of teens report having seen other teens driving noticeably tired.  Drivers younger than 25 years cause the majority of drowsy driving-related crashes.  Rest up when you are tired from studying or extracurricular activities.


These four factors often cause crashes.  One other factor can lead to a crash, even fatal injury.


Lack of seat belt use

Teens who do not wear seat belts in all seating positions are more likely to wind up in the crash statistics.  Wear a seat belt every time you ride in a car.


Learn more about teen driver safety at www.statefarm.com/teendriving.


Driving can add up to success when you are safe behind the wheel.  Talk with an insurance professional about safety programs that can help you become a safer driver, and help save some money, too.


William Brown is a State Farm Insurance Agent serving the Thurston County insurance market. William graduated from St. Martins College in Lacey and has been serving the Thurston County Insurance market for 35 years.

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