A New Bar is set for Ski Goggles

I had the pleasure of testing a pair of RA Optic goggles last year, at Crystal Mountain, in both sunny and cloudy conditions and was very impressed. Read on for a more detailed description of what makes these goggles so great from a ski industry leader! I know the stakeholders, of RA Optics, based in Portland Oregon.  They spend time in Thurston County mountain biking in the Capitol Forest and enjoying the outdoors throughout Thurston County, so they feel like locals to me.

I will be sporting a pair of RA Optics this year at Crystal Mountain. (I may have a spare pair in my backpack for you to try!)


Ryan B.


After experiencing one of the greatest advancements in ski goggle history, I felt the need to share my experience with fellow mountain enthusiasts.  The goggles are now available to all that seek a better ski and snowboard experience.

Ra Optics, a Portland, OR based company was founded last year as Robert and Adam set out in the quest to create a worthy ski and snowboard goggle. Everything they had ever experienced was not up to par. There is only one thing more important than a good fitting pair of boots, and that is the ability to have exceptional vision in every possible condition while skiing or snowboarding.

RA Optics, Performance Series is a single lens goggle with 360 degrees of ventilation. The single lens is the best and most technologically advanced lens on the market. It is a NXT™ Ballistic grade lens, which is not only military grade, but provides 50% more clarity than your standard polycarbonate lens. This lens also boasts the first every mirrored photochromic combination. Photochromic is the transition ability for the lens to adjust in different light conditions. Yes, this lens is perfect for sunny days as well as skiing or snowboarding at night.

Why a single lens you might ask? The Performance Series was designed to have the best peripheral vision as well anti-fog system in the industry. Your standard double lens has a gasket in between the two lenses, which is typically always in your line of sight.  As well, a double lens has significantly less clarity than a single lens because light gets trapped between the two lenses, causing light refractions that degrade the integrity of your vision.  Not to mention once moisture gets between the two lenses you are completely out of luck. The anti-fog treatment Ra uses is thermally set during the finishing process. What does this mean? It won’t wipe away over time. It is there for the life of the lens. Not to forget this lens has an anti-scratch treatment that will help the longevity of your investment.

These are the best goggles I have used in the 15 years of ski racing and ski coaching.

Written By: Ryan B.

 Ryan has 15 years’ experience as a ski athlete. Ryan has been a ski coach out of Mount Hood Oregon for 10 years and is a ski industry professional.

Ra Optics Goggles Information:

Sturtevant’s Sports in Bellevue, WA is the only retailer in Washington to carry the goggles.

If that is not an option, check out the store on Ra Optics Facebook page. 

Check out RA Optics on facebook.com

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