Integrated Branding Platform In Action


ThurstonTalk’s Integrated Branding Platform provides solution for local businesses.  You can read more about the business value proposition here.

When we publish content to, it’s available to our readers, hits search engines, and sometimes even gets picked up by other groups. We use the Integrated Branding Platform to describe how content can flow through multiple distribution networks.  An article published on ThurstonTalk can be distributed as part of a newsletter, included with an email to customers, shared on social media pages, or even printed and handed out at an event.

Here are some ways that customers and community partners have used ThurstonTalk articles beyond Facebook, Twitter and

  • Sierra Magazine commissioned a ThurstonTalk writer to revise a story about the Sweet Pea houseboat for publication in their magazine.
  • The National Endowment for the Arts asked for permission to repurpose a photo from the Squaxin Tribe Canoe Journey.
  • republished a ThurstonTalk article about small living quarters on houseboats.
  • Websites that share information for military families repost our articles.
  • Industry publications pick up featured business articles.
  • Boys and Girls Clubs of Thurston County printed an article about a program and left it on tables during a fundraising event.
  • The Hands On Children’s Museum referenced an article in their printed newsletter as well as including copies of articles in capital campaign fundraising packets.
  • The statewide Boys and Girls Clubs organization republished the story of Comcast’s partnership with the local clubs to their home page.
  • Local high schools forward links to student athlete profiles amongst their staff.
  • A story about a middle school robotics program was picked up by a statewide education group that forwards stories pertaining to education.
  • Countless nonprofits reuse our content to drum up vital funds for their organization.
  • Businesses post articles and relevant content to their Facebook pages.
  • Event sponsors forward articles and post to social media outlets when an event is coming up.

As ThurstonTalk continues to grow, the Integrated Branding Platform adds value to our entire community – sharing the positive stories about people, businesses, and organizations doing good things in Thurston County.