Dr Craig Rouse
After working for a commercial eye care businesse, a private practice and the military, Dr. Rouse decided it was time to take matters into his own hands and opened Rouse EyeCare Center in Lacey in 2008.

At ROUSE EyeCARE CENTER in Lacey, Dr. Craig Rouse understands the importance of your eye health.

ROUSE EyeCARE CENTER opened in Lacey in 2008 as a local source for quality eye care. For nearly a decade, Dr. Rouse has built his clientele on a commitment to expert care, top of the line equipment, well-crafted products and friendly service. “It’s about providing the best care to each patient,” says the graduate of Pacific University’s College of Optometry in Oregon. With this level of customer commitment, ROUSE EyeCARE CENTER patients know they’re in good hands.

New patients are welcome at ROUSE EyeCARE CENTER.  Dr. Rouse and the entire ROUSE EyeCARE CENTER team invite you to make an appointment, and encourage you to bring your little one in for his or her first comprehensive eye exam.

8160 Freedom Lane NE, Suite D
Lacey, WA 98516

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