The decision by Pacific Medical Centers to add a South Sound facility to its ten existing clinics came about as a result of patient demand, focus group results and a strong connection with the local military community.

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The new Pacific Medical Centers Lacey location seven primary care providers and 50 total employees. Photo courtesy: Pacific Medical Centers.

PacMed also has a 30-year relationship with the Department of Defense, and many of its patients come from Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

PacMed CEO Linda Marzano believes that choice in health care is important, and the PacMed model offers patients a different model of care. “We’re intentionally focused on partnering with the community and keeping costs low for our patients,” she says. “We say that patients should have the right care at the right location at the right time. And we don’t overutilize tests as part of the care model. There is nothing to show that patients get better treatment through the overuse of tests.”

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